IMG_0244I haven’t written in ages.  Honestly just haven’t been in the mood to share anything much.

Still no word from my tests from the Neurologist.  Obviously everything was fine, but then he was to book me, if that was the case, for another Tilt Table Test, which I will now have to bug him about.  It’s insane how chronically ill people have to take what little energy they have, to constantly be on their doctors to do the things they say they are going to do.

IMG_0250Years ago I got a root canal done, and have never found it quite right.  Can’t explain.  Woke up Sunday, feeling like I grinded the crap out of my teeth, by Monday morning my face was so swollen, I could barely see out of my eye.

Went for my normal Optometrist appointment, and he couldn’t get a prescription out of my left eye.  He did a bunch of tests for possible issues, which thankfully all came out okay, but is having me come back in two weeks after using eye drops 3 times a day, hoping it’s just extreme dryness screwing up my eye sight.

IMG_0194Then finally Tuesday, I got in to see the dentist and they needed to remove the tooth the root canal was done in.  I decided to get the whole shebang done and over with right then… and omg.  My wisdom teeth, I needed no pain med.s, nothing.  It was easy peasy.  This… has been a fight to get them in me as often as possible.  The pain of the freezing was literally the worst pain I have ever been through.  The staff was shocked that I was screaming or yelling at that point.  It literally ran my nerves through the roof.  I was done.  It took all my effort to be able to deal with the easy part of pulling it.  It was terrible.

IMG_0302My dad broke his hip at work falling off his bench, and smashed his shoulder up.  He is doing a lot better hip wise thankfully, and is on the mend.  His shoulder is still causing him problems, and was before, from years of repetitive work (he’s a drywaller)  so we shall see what happens there.

I am back with my counselor Susan.  She is such a breath of fresh air.  Someone who just gets me, and always has my back.  So nice!

11091244_694329620675833_6236175112750599712_nThe Pauls family dinner is coming up in a few weeks, and so is my 33rd birthday!  It’s funny, but I have zero interest in celebrating it this year.  I don’t get all depressed about getting older.  I could honestly care less.  The “old age” mark seems to get higher every year so, I don’t feel like I am.  I just have no want to do anything.  I like to make other people’s birthdays special, but I don’t want to when it comes to me.  I always feel like, if I celebrate it, it’s  for other people’s benefit, not my own.

IMG_0253I have pretty much all of my Christmas shopping done.  I have my counselor, my PSW and her son, and I believe that’s it… oh and my dad and Lois, bc I just renew a magazine subscription to Arizona Highways they love.  And some stocking gifts to get for Nick.  All the others are done, and either here and hidden, or on their way in the mail.

One of my gifts was on a HUGE back order, and it arrived finally, but broken!  I was so worried I wouldn’t get it exchanged for a new one before Christmas, because it is the exact gift I wanted for this person, but thankfully I was assured I will get it before then.  Can’t wait!

IMG_0252I have also gotten into this Fiestaware kick.  I can’t believe how expensive this stuff is!  I have gotten a great antique dealer up past Toronto, to give me great prices considering, and is coming this way to see their child, so will drop it off for free, instead of paying shipping.  That will be a huge help.  My birthday present this year :)

For Halloween, I stayed home, and all of my chocolates were GONE by 6:30!  Last time I had to give kids doubles and triples, and still had tons left over.  I am definitely making sure I have enough next year!

Okay, going to head out and hang some shelving and maybe do some painting.

Talk to yas later


PS  Finally got to meet my first POTSY!  (My guinea pig Reese. her original owner became allergic to her, and through her mom, we found out we both have pots.  We’ve been chatting for a long time, but were finally both well enough to hang out!)

Zeus is Far Too Smart…

IMG_0212I went in to the vets on Friday, and they said his food is full of fiber, so they gave me this tube of laxative for him.  I give him the gel every couple of days for the next couple weeks.  I went out yesterday with mom and got him a variety of cat food to try.  Yesterday I tried the first kind, and he loved it.  Today I added his medicine in with the same stuff… and he ate just the gravy part of the meal and is slowly deciding after screaming at me, to try the kibble part that has his medicine in it.  Such a smart little shit!  After two weeks, if we notice no difference, I’m to bring him in.  I would like to have them do either a stool sample, or blood work to check what it could be.  I know it can be old age, but there may be an infection or possible cancer too, just in the beginning stages.

Nicole and Adam gave me a small freezer that opens like a fridge door, months ago, and I finally plugged it in yesterday.  There’s a good site for doing crock pot recipes, and some of my recipes I love, but don’t want the whole batch at once, I can do now, and freeze up for later!  Going to start with cookies for holidays coming up, and chicken noodle soup.

Got into my spare room where the freezer is, and all my boxes of stuff I am selling.  I went through every one of them, and sorted them better now that there is more stuff.  Like clothes in one, breakables in another, movies and books in another, etc.  It’ll be a lot easier to find stuff when I sell it, and not cause me to rummage through a big mess of boxes like I was before.

I would like to get my big portable air conditioner put away, since I hope it’s not going to get that warm again now! Lol.  I also went through more stuff to throw out, donate, sell, and spent a half hour looking for batteries for my Wii remote.  Ahhh I found it sitting on my CD player lol.

Also want to get Zeus and the girl’s nails done, and a good brushing, vacuum really well, dust, do the windows, and hopefully when I see Holly on Friday, we can go for more cat food by then, depending on how Zeus is doing (marking the types of foods and what he’s been like with them so I remember for later… also bc he’s a picky shit)  and I want to get my Health Card renewed since it’ll be due.  I also need to call my Neuro and tell him how the tests were all wrong for the hospital they sent me to, and get that sorted out!

Yesterday, I went up to mom’s and helped her take pictures of her stuff to sell.  We didn’t get all her cups and saucers done, but a big majority of it, and some other stuff.  Got to recharge my camera AGAIN now!  Been taking lots of photos!

I have my sis, my aunt Kelly, my mom, Holly and Nick’s Christmas gifts bought.  Oh and Caryn and Carter’s presents.  Now I have to get dad and Lois’ paid for, find something for Jase my other great nephew, and my oldest niece Jess the  rest of her present, the stocking gift for my Grams, and then I have Travis my oldest newphews gifts, Susan, Lilliane (who I already know what I’m getting, just have to get it ordered), and I believe that is it… oh and Nick’s birthday gift.  I know it seems early, but I only have two pay checks before Christmas, and a lot of it is being bought online, so I have to order it ahead of time.  I think I’ll be okay though… I think lol.  And I have to finish up my sister’s gift which is partly home made.

Dan from housing comes this Wednesday, so I’m going to put him to work.  He needs to fix my cupboard door, put a light shade back on for me from where I changed the bulb, and almost fainted putting the fixture back on it, and help me get my dryer up on the top of the stacking rack Lilliane gave me for the washer dryer.  The washer is all hooked up and ready to go, but I have to get a dryer vent kit before I can use it.  Not in any rush for that though, and it only costs about $14.

Okay now that I’m done unloading all my crazy plans for the next little bit, I am going to go watch Criminal Minds!  Love that show!


End of Sept

7fd29eeacea03b1bd7b3ab59264cd115Got to go see Nicole last Friday!  It was nice and relaxing, and I got to cuddle with all the animals… even got to pet Pabu, their little cat who is scared of everyone, due to being originally a stray.  Treats helped!  hehe.  He’s such a handsome little man.

I was able to finally get a washing machine!  FINALLY!  I don’t technically have it yet.  We went to get it today, and no one could get it unhooked from the hoses lol.  So they have it unhooked now, and I am going tomorrow to get it!

Dad and Lois came for a short visit too on Sunday.  It was nice to see them.  I miss my dad so much.  I wish I could see him more!  Thanksgiving is coming soon enough though I suppose.

Zeus is not puking any more, but has had the odd poo still on the floor.  I’m crazy worried about him, so when I get his food, I’m going to ask them if they think I should bring in a sample the next time, or maybe bring him in for blood work.

Still have not had the chance to make my candles yet.  I really want to, but when I’m home I’m either busy catching up on stuff I wasn’t able to do when I’ve been sick, or I’ve been too sick to stand at the oven to do it, or I’m so exhausted I’m just sleeping.  I will get to it soon though and post photos!

Tuesday I went in, and got my heart ultrasound done.  I guess the Neuro wanted one done, then a stress test, and then another ultrasound, but the hospital there doesn’t do that, so I have to find out if the Neuro still wants me to get it done, then get a referral to another office in town that does do it here.

Going to head out.  Will write more, when I know how the tests went, and what their next plan is.  Honestly, I’d like to go right for the tilt table test then.

Talk soon.


PS October is Dysautonomia Awareness Month!

My Little Man…

12038050_10154496942589815_2987475600508954138_nMy little man Zeus hasn’t been feeling well.  Rationally I know it could be nothing, but twice now in the last week he has thrown up 3 times, and gone poo on the floor after trying to in the litter box.  Almost like he’s back up or something, even though he’s going daily as per usual.  Yes.. I know my cats pooping schedule lol.

There was food in his throw up, which makes me think he’s scarfing his food too fast, and he seems absolutely fine after he does go through this, but he is 13… and unfortunately he can’t live forever, so it has been something that’s been nagging at my heart when this has happened.

Big Brother finally finished last night.  For one of the few times I didn’t cry lol.  Which is funny, bc it’s who I wanted to win with the final two.

Found out I am anemic.  Which is funny to me bc any time I have been, it’s been bc of B12 bc of my Crohn’s medicine.  This time, my B12 was high… which doesn’t make sense bc I thought that couldn’t happen, and it’s my Iron that’s low!  My Neurologist would scoff in an I told you so tone if he knew lol.  He’s always adamant I have low Iron, and now finally I do.  He was the first person I thought of when I saw the blood work results lol.

Going to see my best friend Nicole tomorrow!  I’m so excited!  It’s been too long, and even longer since I have been able to go out there to see her.  Packing a bag with stuff for her as we always do when we know we’re going to see each other.

It’s only 6am and I’ve been awake since about 4:30 am… I slept a lot yesterday.  I’m over this crappy cold I had thankfully.  I pumped myself with Eckanasia   … I know I am spelling it wrong, but every time I try to spell it, it comes out as euthanasia lol.  Either way, it did the trick and I didn’t get overly sick like I normally would, and only had one day of a man cold lol.

Will talk soon!



12030767_10154475478354815_2073559438_nSo far things have seemed pretty boring here.  I got Zeus’ cat stairs carpeted, and separated all of my spider plants and their babies into smaller pots.  I’m hoping as they grow, I will start selling them.

I haven’t gotten started on painting any of the furniture bc money is tight, and still working on Christmas gifts.  I will have my oldest nephew, my counselor and my psw left to get for and everyone else will be done.  I have my oldest niece and great nephews in the works right now.

11855391_10154475478374815_834313225_nGot to see my college roomie Jess last weekend which was awesome!  I wasn’t feeling that great, but could at least make us supper!  It was yummy and so nice to see her :)  It was our 10 yr anniversary since we moved in together!  Can’t believe it was that long ago… blah.

If you are in Canada, make sure to go to Petsmart’s Adoption Weekend.  Even if you can’t adopt, you can buy a toy for one of the little babies there to have!

12030965_10154475478349815_1641621563_nI got a new nesting doll set.  It was hand painted by a woman from Russia, with her signature.  They are beautiful :)

I’ve also been cooking a lot more and trying some baking out.  Got a yummy peanut butter cookie recipe my best friend tried first and yuuuuum.  So good and easy!  1/2 cup sugar, 1 cup peanut butter, and an egg.  That’s it!

12033347_10154475478364815_1021032748_nWent to the dentist and no cavities!  I was given a Sulcabrush to use now after brushing and flossing.  Actually feels kind of nice, but I know me, and I will probably get lazy about it lol.

Watching Big Brother so I’m gonna jet.



wedding 052Still no word from the hospital about getting the tests done.  Hopefully I hear from them soon!  Susan came by this morning, which was so nice to catch up with her!

I’ve been SO exhausted lately!  I am getting stuff done, but I am constantly having to take naps.  It’s very strange.  When my birthday rolls around, I am sending in the chip from my CPAP machine to get it checked and make sure it’s on the right level, etc.

coach1 001The wedding was SO nice!  Loved getting to see the old apartment mom and I lived in, when my parents first split.  Loved the simple, but beautiful things they did for the wedding, and yummy food.  Also got to see lots of people from Camden East (where I grew up) like Annabelle who lived across the street from us.  It was just the perfect day :)

Nicole and Adam came over for a short visit today.  I got to stand… yes stand and go back and forth training with Nicole with Lily.  It was fun, even though my hand gestures were totally backwards LOL.  She did so good!

wedding 070I was hanging out with my one neighbor who recently got a tarantula (gags) and a bearded dragon (in love)  I couldn’t see the gross one since it was buried (thank god lol) but got to pick up the bearded dragon.  I am in love with them!  I have been researching them more, and thinking later on once the girls are gone, I might consider getting one!  I fell in love with this one, the second I held it!  So sweet!  And I love inquisitive pets!

wedding 072Dad already made the stairs for me for Zeus!  They look amazing!  He did a great job on them.  Dennis, my landlord gave me some spare carpeting he had at home, and one of his exacto knives to use.  Also showed me the best way to lay the carpeting to staple it down.  Mom is bringing me her staple gun tomorrow for me to get it all done.  I’m just so happy with it :)  And Zeus has been using it too, which makes this all worth it.  He climbs up it… and then jumps from the top step off it lol.

Hoping to get some paint to start redoing some of these pieces of furniture.  I cannot wait to get going with them!  I am hoping to make a new page on here showing the before, the process and the after with each project.  It’ll be fun :)

Hope you are all doing well!



aug8 004Been  doing a LOT better lately!  My blood pooling in my feet is terrible, but I’m fighting it really well!  Which of course has put me in a better mood too.

Aunt Kelly is down from TO and I’m SO happy!  Tomorrow we are going to a wedding in the family.  I am wearing a new top and skirt I got at Old Navy.  I hope it looks okay!

kobo vox 001My dad and step mom; Lois, was over today for a visit :)  I`miss my dad so much!  I talk to him like 2-3 times a week on the phone, but it`s not the same!  He found a cool cupboard on the side of the road earlier this week while we were chatting, and brought it up today.  It`s beautiful!!!  I need to get paint bad!  I have so many cool projects I want to get started on :)

kobo vox 002We’ve had problems in the past with the roof above my front entrance room (which is below my upstairs neighbor’s patio deck area)  leaking whenever it rained or snow melted.  Well it finally hit the big time and drenched the carpet the landlord had laid down.  The people who rented here before me, would lock their dogs in that room, and it was smelly when I first moved here, even after they repainted and scrubbed it, but hasn’t smelt in the last couple of years.  Since this rain, it’s reeked worse than ever before, so my landlord came over and ripped the carpeting out, took the cabinet out he had put up for me, bc water had been pouring behind there, and has been working on it every few hours for the last couple of days.  It’s starting to look all cleaned up now though.

Cabinet from dad
Cabinet from dad

My college roomie Jess, is coming down next weekend for a visit!  I cannot wait to see her!  We moved in together ten yrs ago this month… omg that makes it seem so long ago, when it feels like only yesterday.  It will be so good to just chat and catch up.  I’ve missed her!

I got all the animals brushed, and their nails trimmed.  Speaking of pets… I found these cool, cheap, As Seen On Tv doggy stairs, to help them get onto the bed, into the car, etc.  and I wanted to get them, for Zeus at bed time.  Since switching from a futon to a bed with a box spring and mattress, he’s had a little more difficult of a time getting into bed.  So these stairs were on for really cheap!  Problem with the great price, is they sell out within a couple hours of Petsmart being open!  So I asked dad, and he is going to make him a small set of sturdy stairs to get into bed :)  I am so glad he is doing this for me.  Zeus is my love, and a HUGE part of my life, and this is the least I can do for my old boy!

Still haven’t heard about going in for my tests yet, but hopefully soon!

Take Care.


PS  I FINALLY got my damn portable air conditioner working again!