Hey everyone!  Still very new to this site, so it’s going to take me a bit of time to figure out how to use everything on here.  I wanted to use this blog to talk about my illnesses without imposing on people who may not be interested in hearing about it.

I’m 27, and I live on my own with my cat Zeus.  I have Crohn’s Disease, Postural Orthorstatic Tachycardia Syndrome.. or POTS.  My crohn’s is under control for the most part, but am willing to give little bits of info.  for people who are being newly diagnosed and not sure yet how to cope.  I’ve had it eight years now, and have managed it really well.  My POTS on the other hand, has ruined my quality of life.  I’m trying to figure out a normal routine while managing my symptoms, and trying to live as normal a life as possible… but unfortunately that is very difficult.

With this blog, I plan to write up the history of my illnesses, as well as tips you can ask your doctor about trying, as well as sharing my life story dealing with these ongoing chronic diseases.  Obviously this will happen on a more constant basis as I figure out all I can do on this site.

If you have a related blog to crohn’s disease, dysautonomia or pots, please feel free to comment me, and I will add the link to this blog to get the word out.  The more people doing this, the better I say!

Take Care & Cheers For Now!



6 thoughts on “Intro

    • Me too! I’m not on any medications now for it! Thank God lol I hate using them if I don’t have too. Nice to see others are taking care of their symptoms just by changing the way they eat!


      • That’s wonderful! Thank God, indeed! I’m still on some medication, but I’m praying that I’ll soon be able to convince my doctor that I should start weening off it.


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