Chopped the Hair Off Again!

Yeah I grow my hair out.. then chop it lol, but this time, I left it a

Very tired and makeupless lol

longer than normal.  Was about 3 inches below my shoulders, but it gets SO knotty like that!  Ridiculously so!  Normally I go to the hairdresser and just get her to thin it out and do layers, but last minute, chopped it shorter 🙂

Today was a long rough day for me, but still good 🙂 I went with my grams to get her tax papers from her tax guy… he lives over an hour away.  I realize now, I really can’t do a trip like that!  I was fine until about an hour from

home and I started going in and out of consciousness.  Very annoying.

We get back to my mom’s place and we leave to go to the dollar store.  And when do you NOT have fun at the dollar store? hehe, I love it!  I killed my POTS though.  A lot of standing in one spot, and slowly moving.  It killed me.  My mom got me a choc. bar and I scarfed it back for energy lol.   I got a stove spoon holder… weird I know, but I’ve always wanted one and they’re always ridiculously expensive!  I also got 2 funky fake flowers to put in my tall green vase, since it sucks to put real flowers in.  As well, a little mini tripod for my camera, to do my videos with.  Right now, I have to do them in the bathroom bc it’s the only place I can set the camera on an angle to hit me talking properly lol.

After that, they dropped me off at the hair dressers.  I had always heard my fellow lady potsies say that sitting in one spot for a long time kills them… I now know that feeling, as of twice today lol.  I love my hair though, and glad I got it done even if it took a lot more energy out of me.

So after wards I was shaking like a vibrating bed lol and went to Canadian Tire where I cannot believe I didn’t pass out!  I am sick of glass baking pans, that don’t properly clean when you wash them!  So I got a 5 piece silicone set to try.  Hopefully that’ll work out better for me, bc the less time standing at the sink the better! hehe.

Tomorrow my grams goes in for foot surgery.  I am being picked up on the way home from my mom, so I can help get her up the stairs of their apartment building.  Then Tuesday, I meet with my counselor and housing coordinator about finding me an apartment that works better with my disabilities.  So I’m not so far away from family, or a grocery store and pharmacy.  Right after they leave, my counselor’s student is coming by for a visit, and then I am going to my mom’s again to sit with my grandma while my mom checks in on my grandpa at the nursing home, to see how he’s doing, since my grams won’t be able to for a while.  He’ll be worried and want to know how she is obviously.

It’ll be a great week, but EXHAUSTING!  I also have to meet with my case worker to possibly be set up with a PSW or get items that can help me get around my apartment more easily.  Also I am waiting to hear back from the bank about my student loan payments being made for me to be able to pay them each month… exhausting just writing it lol.  Normally I could do all that and more in a day.  Sad that it’s going to wear me out so much spreading it out over a week.  I think Wed.  will be the longest day, but it’ll be alright and totally worth it 🙂  I want to press myself more.  I think it helps my depression a lot, and allows me to sleep better at night, and get up at a decent time in the morning for a change 🙂

Take care everyone!  Remember to check out the new recipe page that I’ll be adding to, and soon my mom will be creating a page for what it’s like to be a parent of TWO disabled daughters, and how she manages the stress of trying to be there for us, as well as take care of herself.  Without her I’d be lost.  She takes me to my doctors appointments.. some 2 hours away!  She takes me grocery shopping and helps me carry my groceries in bc by then I’m so exhausted I can barely function some days.  She gets my medicine from the pharmacy, or at least drives me to pick it up, she helps me clean when I’m really sick and can’t get ahead of the dishes, cat hair, and as of the other day my laundry (I was wearing miss matched socks lol)  I appreciate her help so much, and without her,  I’d surely be 100% more worse off than I am already.

Take Care Everyone!  *hugs*



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