Happy April Fools Day!

Hope you all aren’t being fooled too too badly by your loved ones hehe.  I’ve only been once so far.  My friend said he was leaving facebook and I was all bummed out bc that’s our main way of staying in touch… lol the shit.

My grandma’s surgery went great.  They ended up freezing her instead of putting her out.  She has pins sticking out of a few of her toes!!!  It’s disgusting!!!…. of course I took pictures lol.  I’ll be nice and not post them on here though… mainly bc I don’t want to look at them either each time I sign in :p .

Yesterday the housing director didn’t end up coming with my counselor.  Apparently, he had an emergency move or something, and my counselor is now done work for a few weeks to get her mom moved over to Belleville in a nursing home.  So who knows when I’ll see him lol.  No big rush though.

Right after I saw her, my counselor’s student Candace came, and I found out she is done after next week!  So that will be the last time I see her!  But we’ve added each other on facebook to stay in touch.

This morning, my case worker for being set up with a PSW came over, and it was a bust.  She was such a sweety and loved Zeus bc he reminded her of her cat.  We talked about animals for a while lol.  She was really nice, but unfortunately since I can dress myself, take my meds on my own (even though I forgot to last night & am now suffering huge head pain & not getting to enjoy the sun) but bc of that, I am only eligible for one hour a week!  They wouldn’t be helping me with any of the house chores my mom is stuck doing if I can’t, and I feel awful asking her! I’m so independent I hate getting help for things, especially like that, but at least if it was a professional, I wouldn’t feel so guilty like I do when my mom does it.

Winnie the Pooh Napping!

She’s going to look into another place for me though.  She told me a few places that sell bed wedges, but they don’t offer them… of course.  So I’m going to get a hold of disability and see if they will if I get a doctor’s note.

As well; bc I have crohn’s disease, I get special dietary fund each month… mainly bc if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to afford to eat!  And it’s not enough really as it is, bc fruits and veggies obviously don’t last a month at a time usually.  My counselor suggested I get a new dietary form filled out for my POTS as well, and maybe I could get a bit more.  Even if it was only $25 I’d be happy.  Every little bit helps when you’re poor lol.

Next week, I meet with Candace for the last time, and I am meeting with my professor at Starbucks lol (his second office) :p  and he’s going to go over so far what I’ve done in my class, and answer some questions I have about the rest of the course, and have coffee.  My mom’s going to swing me up since it’s close to her.

I’m at my mom’s visiting for the day bc I’ve been feeling right awful.  My crohn’s and POTS is kicked in and killing me.  I’m in a lot of pain right now with my joints and muscles too.  I wish I could be out enjoying the sun instead!

Hope you all have a great Easter!  I’m going to my dad & step mom’s for a BBQ with my nieces and oldest nephew, and bros.  My sis is helping her roommate move, so she won’t be there, or her son.  They do a big East egg hunt for all the kids too, so I’ve gotta remember my camera lol.  Hopefully it’s nice out like it is today!



PS New blog up at Youtube.  The link is in the side bar 😉


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