Autoimmune Disease

I’m reading the most remarkable book titled, “Living With Autoimmune Disease.”  It’s written by a woman who has multiple autoimmune diseases and

one of many great shots I got on a beautiful day

the facts this woman talks about is crazy!  I really recommend anyone with an autoimmune disease (Crohn’s Disease is one of them!) to read this book!  It may bring light as to why you have the disease in the first place!

Well, I have been doing better since using the bed wedge, but still had some bad days.  Thursday I was feeling pretty rough, and was worried about not being able to meet with my professor on Friday to go over my school work, but I felt really good Friday!  He said what I have done so far is perfect, and helped me figure out what I can add to the rest of my portfolio 🙂 So him and I will meet again around June with my rough draft of my portfolio, and then all I’ll have to do is the finishing touch ups of it 🙂

Speaking earlier of the autoimmune diseases, I am going to add more about different ones that can come up from already have one… like Crohn’s Disease, which I have, and discuss mostly on here.

I got some great photos of the Zeus man done on a really beautiful sunny day, so I am going to post a couple on here, as well as a picture of my youngest nephew Nick, who I had the pleasure to have visit with me the other evening after dinner.  He always stands outside my window when he goes to go home, and we pretended to hug lol.  He’s such a ham, he had us all laughing.  He likes to sit on the middle part of my eliptical trainer, and then push down on the


feet part since he’s so short lol.  He wanted to get up on one of my stools I use in the kitchen when cooking or doing dishes, so I lifted him onto it, and took the picture you’re also going to see in this entry.

Next Friday I’m going to my cardiologist appointment, and I will write after as well to let you all know what I found.



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