And the Results Are In…

I’m having another stressed out day.  Whenever I go to one of my specialist I leave there all nerved up and edgy.  Nothing bad happened though.  I wasn’t expecting ANY help so I shouldn’t complain.  I think it’s just wigging with my depression a bit.


So my mom took me to see my cardiology team of doctors.  I saw the one I find a little intimidating and a little hard to ask questions to.  He was really good with me though.  He made me do the lay down, then sit up, then stand, while checking blood pressure and heart rate.  He said my blood pressure is actually really good, but I know that if I’m antsy it raises really easily, but it’s nice to know it’s not super low.  My heart rate is high, but wasn’t too bad today… of course lol.  The Cardiologist was really good in trusting how bad I’ve been feeling though, which is nice!  He doesn’t know what he can do for me.  All he did was reiterate what every potsie knows to do… get up slowly, don’t stand in one spot for too long.  Fine of him to mention, but nothing new to me of course.  I think he was more talking to my mom so she’d know.

So he would like me too see the Neurologist in the hospital that deals with POTS which is wikid bc I met him very quickly in my first appointment, and he seems really sweet, and is RIGHT into learning as much as he can with patients and really listens to what they’re saying.  So he’s going to talk to him personally and get me a referral.  He’d like him to be the one to assess me next and decide what tests should be done on me, bc my Cardiologist thinks there may be something else as well speeding up my heart, since it’s almost 30 bpm too high when I’m laying down, let alone when I get up, and it keeps getting worse as time goes on.

He is also referring me to an exercise program with the rehabilitation guys to try to help me gain some muscle and energy, which is wikid bc I miss working out so much.  Hopefully this will allow me to get back at least close to where I was.

I always thought this whole time, that it was my blood pressure being so low that was making me feel so sick, but apparently it’s the high heart rate…. so now I just have to be constantly resting and taking my time doing things.

I’m exhausted now from standing up so long in there, and then the long drive there and back, but at least I stayed awake this time lol.  We stopped at a chip truck on the way home and got some chow so I’m feeling a bit better though.  Back pain is starting to kick in.

I wasn’t going to write again so soon, but I needed to vent and wanted to let you all know the good news too 🙂 I am happy with how it went bc I wanted to see the neurologist and get into a work out program, and I didn’t expect to get even that.  I see my Cardiologist in 6 months again to see how I’m progressing.

Hope you guys have a great weekend 🙂 Will be posting a YouTube video soon as well.




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