Wow I just got back from meeting with the girl that is going through depression wise, what I was before.  She’s a complete sweet heart and doesn’t even see her true self.  We have so much in common with what I went through before it was scary to see it on someone else!  We both got teary eyed at one point, and I think Susan did too lol.  It was really nice to meet her.  I hope we stay in touch.

Aunt Ya Ya & Nick Xmas morning

Yesterday, I went to my mom’s for the afternoon.  It was nice and relaxing 🙂 I got to see my youngest nephew too for a while.  He was making me play Batman on his DS… which I have no idea how to use lol and he was making me help him get out of the bat cave which is a LOT easier said than done! hehe.  It was fun though, we were laughing at each other and being silly.  Just what I needed.  I wish I got to see my nieces and other nephew as often as I see Nick.

My sis finally gave me school pictures!  I already have them in my wallet and up with other family pictures lol.  She also gave me some extra chicken and mozzarella balls she had left over so more yummy food for me 🙂

I’m now reading, “Look Me in the Eye”  it’s a story about a man’s life with Aspergers.  I was recommended it, and really didn’t think it would keep my attention, but it’s actually really good!  He’s funny too so it keeps the story going on a good note despite bad times.  And a really cool thing I learned about him, is he is the brother of Augustin Burroughs who is the author of, “Running With Scissors”  which is a hilarious book that was made into a movie.  You’d never know it was his actual life, bc it’s so manic and crazy!  I love it.  Both great writers!

Anyway, I’m having more money matters to deal with, that I should finally get calling people about since it’s after lunch now, and see what I can do to finally get my dad off my back about it lol.  I appreciate more than he knows, that he’s helping me, but I need to be treated a little better about it.

Alright I’m off!

Ash xoxoxo


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