M & M’s Charity BBQ!!!

M & M's Charity BBQ

I wasn’t going to write because I didn’t think I had anything to say… then I remembered hehe.  M & M’s Meat Shops all over Canada will be hosting their annual Crohn’s & Colitis BBQ next Sunday!  For only $2, you get quite a bit of yummy food and snacks, and a drink, and the proceeds go to the CCFC for research.  Since this is a disease that HAS NO CURE it would be great to have you all come out and help the cause!  If you still want to help out, but can’t make it to the BBQ, drop by any M & M’s locations and buy a $2 star as a contribution.  Every little bit helps 🙂  and remember to tell your friends and family!  I’ll post the link in the side bar!

Not too much is new with me since I last wrote.  Been very symptomatic Crohn’s and POTS wise.  Right now it’s after 1:30am and I went to bed around 11pm lol.  It’s so hot and I’ve got a whopper of a headache.

I haven’t been eating much either.  If I eat at all, it isn’t until dinner time.  I just feel so crappy I’m not even hungry, or I don’t feel well enough to get myself something to eat.

My mom took me grocery shopping, and I was feeling real rough, but I needed food badly.  I felt so bad in fact, I was considering using a wheel chair cart, but there were none available so I had to sucker through it.  One nice thing though, I finally bought Avatar!  hehe I love that movie 🙂

My sis came by today for a coffee which was a great surprise 🙂  I miss just hanging out and chatting with her, but we’ve both been sick and busy which doesn’t make it easy!  But we got to chill and lay around for a couple hours so it was really nice!

My oldest niece just moved into her first home yesterday with her boyfriend Josh 🙂 I can’t wait to go see it!  And my youngest nephew got signed up to start soccer this summer.  So I’ll have to record some of it for the family who won’t be able to make it out to a game hehe.

It’s supposed to thunder and lighten tonight into tomorrow and it already did earlier today.  My babe Zeus meowed and ran over and snuggled right into me until the thunder stopped hehe 🙂  But yeah.. I’m a paranoid freak when it’s lightening out lol.  I won’t open windows, or go outside… hell I don’t even like having a drink near me haha.

Now I am reading the book which I own, The Top 150 Most Effective Ways To Boost Your Energy.  It’s really good, and has lots of pictures which is great hehe.  Mentions everything imaginable, using colors, relieving stress, exercise, vitamins, proper dieting, etc.  You guys should check it out 😉

Alright I’m off to give sleeping another go.  Sweet Dreams!  xo!



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