Done All Phone Calls

So I’ve finally given everyone I’m supposed to calls back… now onto the e-mails I forgot about, doh!

My mom came over yesterday and helped out a bit, and I finally got Zeus’ litter box done by myself woo hoo… almost passed out lol but it’s done!

I think it’s weird that ODSP doesn’t help with student loans.  I make only enough each month to pay half of my loan and it’s going up in the fall… so my dad is forced as my co-signer to help me pay it!  I don’t think that’s right.  The whole idea is for disabled people to get help when they aren’t well enough to work.  I would love to work and make up the difference even if I could, but most of my days are spent sick in bed or on the couch!  Not fair to my dad.

They don’t even help with the coverage for my bed wedge.  You have to apply through the well fare office instead for it, which is totally bizarre to me.  I’m not their client, I’m ODSP’s client, so why should they be the ones I go to for help with medical home equipment?  Yet another thing I’ll have to go do now when I feel like crap.

I also called my Cardiologist and he sent through both of the referrals (yay!) I was hoping to get a rehabilitation team in Belleville since Kingston is almost 2 hrs away, but they don’t have one here weirdly enough lol, but that’s fine. It was worth the shot.

Now I have to get working on gathering all of my info. for my portfolio for class so I can finish it, and then email school and faculty about me applying for the scholarship.  Then send it out, and hope for the best!  I could really use the money for classes since other wise I don’t get to go!

Hope you all are well.  Take care as always.


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