Confusing Computer Usage

Hey everyone 🙂  I was so sick of how slow my computer has been since having to use it again bc my laptop monitor went out.  Today I had a weird idea, and now I’m using my laptop with my desktop monitor lol.

Love for all suffering with Cancer & Crohn's & Colitis xo

I got approved with Cheshire Homes!!!  I’m so happy 🙂  I will have a PSW come into my home Wed. & Fri.’s for an hour, and she will do some basic cooking and food prep for me while I have a bath.  It’s so nice to know that’s two days I won’t have to worry about having someone come down and help me out.  Right now I’m basically only eating dinner.  I can crawl to the kitchen to get a drink or something to eat that’s already made, but I can’t do the prep part and cooking.  By around dinner I’m able to stand up and get myself something, even if it ends up being soup or something simple.  The crappy thing about it, is that my POTS  is ten times worse when I don’t eat properly and have veggies, fruit, etc.  so it wears me down even more.  Kind of a double barrel shotgun.

I went to my mom’s last night and stayed over night.  I wasn’t going to bc I haven’t been falling asleep until around 6am, but I decided at the last minute to anyway, and I actually was asleep by 3am!!!  I missed sleeping with my Zeusy though 🙂  I’m glad to be home with him.  I was supposed to go to my mom’s townhouse with her today and help doing the trim again, but I am too scared to push it again right now.  I felt horrible from the last time, and I’m still not back from it yet.  So my mom & I went to the vets &  picked up cat food (almost passed out there) and then she brought me home.

This Monday I meet my PSW Marlene & next Monday I have my dietitian appointment.  I don’t think she will be impressed with my one meal a day thing lol.  I think it’s impossible to get ALL the nutrients that our bodies need, but I still want to be eating at least 2 regular meals a day bc I’m too nauseated in the morning to eat a huge breakfast.  I usually just have a banana or something somewhat filling.

Alright now I just feel like I’m blabbering lol so I’m going to scat.  Have a great Mother’s Day everyone!


PS If you’re near Deseronto, ON make sure to hit up the Boob Brigade Yard Sale, where all the profits go to breast cancer research!  AND the M&M Meats Crohn’s & Colitis BBQ happening on Saturday 10am-4pm all across Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Only $2 and you get a hot dog or hamburger, a bag of chips, and a drink!  All the proceeds go to the CCFC (Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of Canada) to help a debilitating disease that has NO CURE!  I’ll be there!

*myself, my sister, and two other family members has Crohn’s Disease, as well as other family friends*

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