Been a Bit

Sorry it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve written.   I hadn’t realized it was that long!

I went and met with my dietitian… when it comes to diet and Crohn’s Disease, I’ve got that down.  I’ve been to two dietitians one of which has Crohn’s herself.  I was hoping this woman bc the hospital she works at is just at the end of my street basically, would be knowledgeable in POTS, but she didn’t know anything about it!  I don’t think she knows anything about it at all, or even what it is.  I see her again next month, and she is going to see what kind research she can come up with, but I’m not putting too much faith in it lol.

this will be me very soon lol

She obviously mentioned how I’m not getting nutrition from barely eating.  I had to tell her over and over that I have a good appetite, it’s my orthostatic intolerance when trying to prepare healthy meals.  When I am well enough I make sure I get as much good nutrients as I can, but I’m also on disability and can only buy groceries once a month, so veggies and fruit are only around for the first 2-3 weeks.  She did let me know about a great service, where you can buy a box of groceries for $10 or $20 a month depending on the size you want, and it saves so much money!  In the $20 box I’m going to get, I’d say there is about $75 worth of food in it!  So even if there is a couple things I may not like, or can’t eat due to Crohn’s, I’m STILL saving a ton.  So I’m definitely going to be doing this starting next month.  It also delivers the third Thursday of every month, so I will also have delicious good for me food ALL through the month.

So I am much more comfortable with Marlene now.  I was uneasy about asking her to help me with certain things, bc I don’t know what she does and doesn’t do.  They said cooking, and “light housekeeping”  But what do they, or Marlene consider as light?  To me everything is rough lol.  I was having a hard time of thinking of things for her to do to fill the whole hour she is here, and was going to ask her boss about knocking it down to her coming once a week, but since we’ve had so much time to talk lol I’ve found out more things she’s willing to do for me, which is great and an amazing amount of help for me.  She demanded I let her do the litter box bc I kept saying no lol.  I don’t mind doing it bc I have seen everything under sun from working at an animal clinic, but a lot of people detest it, so I didn’t want her to, but she said it didn’t phase her to, plus had her vacuum and change the sheets on my bed.  They sound like something I should be able to do, but it involves standing for quite a while at a time.  Plus other stuff like doing dishes and making me lunch.

Health news aside, I went to my youngest nephew Nick (4 yrs old) his first soccer game.  It was so adorable!  He saw me and called out, “My Ya!” (don’t ask it’s what he calls me lol) and ran off the field and jumped into my arms and gave me a kiss and hug.  Gotta love that 🙂 hehe.  It was so much fun and way too adorable for words watching all the kids running around just having fun and getting an idea of how to play.  Nick even stopped a goal from going in!  Amanda got tons of pictures of him and videos too lol, but she still had my camera, so I’ll up load some on here when I get it back.

My Grams is finally out of her cast, and she’s so happy about it lol.  She still has to watch the amount of pressure she puts on it, but she’s doing great!  There were 4 areas that they cut into during the surgery and  they look so amazing already, I seriously doubt it will leave a permanent scar!

My mom and grams are moving this Saturday!  Back to the town house, that Amanda and Nick are in right now, and staying with them until Amanda can save some money to get her own place for her and the little soccer star.  But bc my mom hasn’t been doing well, she STILL hasn’t got all the painting done!  It’s going to be interesting to see what she gets done in time.  It sucks, bc I’d love to help… yes weirdly enough I love painting whether it’s on a canvas, or regular wall painting, and she could really use the help, but I’m no good to her lol.

So for the novel that I am reading right now, it is “Best Friends Forever” and it is good!  I thought it would be some cheesy best friend lovey dovey boring book, but it’s actually off the wall compared to what I expect!  Anyone who likes interesting, witty, lovable books, will love this.  I got it recommended to me, and I’m so glad I decided to give it a chance.

With having no *knock on wood* money troubles at the moment, and not having to worry about the need to do cleaning stuff, I am feeling so much better.  A lot of ppl with POTS can’t handle caffeine at all, but since I’ve been pumping myself with coffee (3 a day is not a lot to some, but I usually drink that, or less in a year!)  I’m feeling better orthostatically!

The heat is definitely kicking my butt though!  I’ve busted out the window fan and it’s so hot out it isn’t doing any good! Lol, so I’m going to try to save to get another fan to have.

And good news!  Susan my counselor is back!  Poor thing is still having back pain though obviously, so I was surprised to hear from her, but I got to see her for a quick visit before Marlene came over on Friday morning, and I feel so much more okay about the depression I was going through, and that it was just a short relapse, not a full out one.  I still feel it at moments, but it’s not overwhelming and I’m able to quickly get my mind frame from it by doing something to keep myself busy.

Other than that, I can’t remember much else… it’s 4:30am lol.  I wanted to write while I remembered to in case I end up in zombie land tomorrow… or err later on today I should say now lol.

Take care all!  And HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL!!!



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