Wind Wind! Nope NVM! It’s Just The Fan!

Okay my blood pressure is low.  LOL  I know every POTSIE out there is not surprised, but I don’t actually get low blood pressure.  Mine soars when I’m standing!  Right now it’s around 95/65 and I know that’s NOTHING compared to what some of my potsie friends go through, but it’s really had on me bc usually it’s the extreme opposite.  I don’t know why I’m writing this entry right now, bc it’s taking me twice as long having to go back and fix all of my mistakes lol.

Dysautonomia Ribbon

This weather, is just wrong.  I used to be a normal Summer lover, but not anymore.  This year since my pots has been at its worst than it’s even been… I’m kind of terrified to be honest.  Yesterday I went to bed at 7pm bc  I was so dehydrated regardless how much water I was chugging, that my throat hurt it was so dry, and I was constantly drinking, so there was no reason for it.  I went to bed bc I couldn’t hold my head up, and just wishing I could get some fluids into me.  I remember when I first heard about potsies going to the hospital, what they were going for, and thanked my lucky stars, that no matter how bad I had felt, it was never dehydration to go to the ER… I have a scary feeling, it’s going to be happening a lot this Summer.  I’m rocking in my chair side to side bc I’m so dizzy, and when I stand to get a drink, I’m double over trying to keep my balance.

I missed my depression and sleeping pills last night.  The depression pills are fine depression wise, but they give me horrible headaches to the point where I can’t be in the light for too long… another reason I’m surprised I’m writing an entry.

I’m bummed bc I’m missing my youngest nephews soccer game, but I can’t do it.  I just can’t be outside in this heat for over an hour after a BBQ.  So I’m home alone in a tank top and short shorts hoping my fans will magically turn into air conditioners for me lol.

My dad wants me to go to his place this weekend and stay while they’re having a yard sale.  He’s going to be bummed bc I haven’t seen him since Easter, but I just can’t do it.  The thought of going anywhere further than the couch seems impossible at this point, and he’s over an hour away driving.

The sky is darkening out, so hopefully that means thunder storms.  I am scared being alone so much and feeling this way.  I’ve never felt like this, or at least for this long, to this extreme.  All I want to do is sleep and I need to be getting more fluids.  My family is busy helping each other and getting ready to move to stay with me.  I wish my friends didn’t live so far away (about 2 hrs) bc I know they’d be here if they could.

Just worried something bad is going to happen, and no one will know bc they’re all too busy.


3 thoughts on “Wind Wind! Nope NVM! It’s Just The Fan!

  1. Ah, it sucks to feel that way, I understand it because my bp has been low like that a LOT lately, and I feel so thirsty, dizzy and dehydrated, UGH. Hope you can find a way to keep the fluids in! xx


  2. ty hun! its nice to have all my potsy girls understand what im going through, even though I wish you’d all grow out of it or find the “mystery pill” that fixes the symptoms lol. ty 🙂


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