Much Happier

Alright I’m back to me again lol.  Sorry about the past few entries being so rough, but I was seriously worried.  I’ve been doing a lot better, and slowly gaining my energy back.. what little I had anyway.

before I chopped the hair… looks almost the same now lol

Yesterday my mom & grams moved back into the town house where Amanda & Nick are.  Nick hasn’t seen the place yet bc he’s still at his dad’s lol.  It’ll be too cute to see his expression when he comes home today!  Yesterday for me, nothing exciting was going on bc I couldn’t help.  I watched documentary’s and set up the shelf my mom gave me.

She was really sweet and got me all of my groceries for the month bc she knew I don’t get paid until tomorrow, so I can just pay her back then.  I was running seriously low lol.  And running out of all the little things you only need to pick up every so often!  So it was really nice to eat 🙂

Today, I’m going up to my mom’s to help them put away their stuff.  I’m on floor patrol lol.  Putting away books and clothes and movies… anything low to the ground basically :-p.  I feel bad I can’t do more, but at least I’m doing something finally!

I’ve been trying to get the place cleaned up.  Marlene helps me with the stuff like changing sheets, vacuuming, dishes, cooking, etc.  but I’ve got a LOT of laundry to do tomorrow which should be interesting.  And I want to get my bath tub cleaned which uses up all my potsie spoons for a day sometimes doing it.

The heat has let up a bit… or the humidity anyway.  So I can use my window fan some of the day so it’s not so intolerable in here.  I think that is what made my pots sooo much worse.  I’m pretty sure my blood pressure is back to it’s normal crazy self, going high instead of low.  If it isn’t, then it’s not bothering me as much!  I haven’t checked it since Friday, bc I’m feeling more like my normal sick self lol.

Next month I go to see my dietitian, then I see Maeve the psychiatrist at the mental health clinic just to do a med. review bc I have been having trouble this month with my depression, and I want to see if she can up my sleeping pill bc it does work, but barely.  She even said back in January that I’d have to go up at some point probably, so that’s okay.  Then the day after I see her, I go to my GP for a full physical woo hoo lol.  NOT!  But it’s cool bc I want to talk to her about some stuff, like allergies, pain, etc.  But, I still haven’t heard back from the Neurologist!  My Cardiologist… well one of, did the referral himself, so he could get me in quicker, and I haven’t even heard from them to make the appointment yet!  Who knows how long I’ll have to wait after that!

The book I’m reading now is called, Imperfect Birds.  It’s about a married couple, and their daughter Rosie, and just their trials of trying to raise her to be good, despite her being so much worse than they think lol.  It’s actually pretty good since I didn’t know if the story line would keep me interested, but so far so good!

Did you all hear about Gary Coleman and Dennis Hopper? CrAzY!!!

Alright, gonna skip out and get some stuff done around here before I leave to help out at my mom’s.  Hope you’re all feeling less crappy from this past week.  I know a LOT of you have been really sick too and in a lot of pain.

xo’s Ash,

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