I’m Melting, I’m Melting!

Hi 🙂

Just came back from being outside… and it’s like a sauna out there.  Dead heat, and no wind.  I’m staying locked in my apartment with the windows closed and blinds down lol.

this made me laugh 🙂

Sunday was a lot of fun, and I definitely needed it even though it was tiring as hell on me.  I went over and hung out with Amanda and Nick for a bit and then went up to my mom’s room while her and my grams were gone and unpacked a bunch of boxes up there.

When they got back, we all went outside and BBQ up some hot dogs, hamburger and chicken burgers mmm.  Nick had a little blow up pool with a slide on one side, and a dragon on the other and the water comes out the dragons nose and mouth lol.  He kept spraying us with it.  It was so nice and windy out so it was great to be outside.

Yesterday I got a bunch of cleaning done, and my mom and grams stopped by on their way back from the hospital.  My grams was complaining of chest pains and my mom made her go.  Thankfully it wasn’t a heart attack, but she has pneumonia!

I didn’t sleep until 8am bc I was so wired for some reason lol.  I tried, but it was hot in here too.  I got a few hours sleep, and my mom came and got me and took me to the bulk food place and got the $20 grocery package.  It will be so nice to have fresh fruit and veggies half way through the month!  I also went to the bank and got the money for my mom for getting my groceries the other day, and laundry change.  Which is what I’ll be doing when I’m done here. Woo hoo!

Tomorrow Marlene comes, and I’m going to get her to help me clean, and then Thursday I get to see my friend Carlie from college, who I think of like a little sister.  My sister offered to give her Nick’s high chair, and I have a little stuffed animal for him that I bought back in February lol.  It’ll be so awesome to see her bc I haven’t in 5 years!!!  Craziness!

Then Friday it’s going to be like a mad house around here all day.  Marlene comes in the morning, and need to get washed up, and get her to do some cooking and last minute cleaning, then my counselor and housing director come over for me to FINALLY do the paper work (we’ve been trying to meet up since the beginning of the year!) and he’s found an apartment just near where I live now on the ground floor for July, that he might have me check out.  If it’s close to a bus station that would be good.  It’s nice too bc I won’t have to pay last month’s rent!  The only difficulty would be paying for movers :-s.

Alright, I gotta head out and get this laundry started since I’m running REAL low on clothes lol.



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