Starting Fresh

So my week didn’t go as planned… not a surprise for anyone lol.  I don’t think ANYthing ever goes as planned for ANYone lol.

Thursday my mom realized her tire on her car was all messed up and my Gram’s van had the engine light come on! LOL  so Amanda couldn’t take me to see my little sis!  At this rate, it’ll be another 5 years before we see each other lol.

no regrets!

Today has gone good!  I had a boy coming down, and I’ll explain about that later, but it took me ALL WEEK to get my apartment cleaned and myself ready!  No I don’t have a dirty place lol I’m weakened really easily, so I constantly had to pace myself.  It was ridiculous lol.  But I got it all done!  So it was gravey… until I got stood up.  Just my luck huh? hehe just kidding.  It wasn’t going to last any way so better now than later.  Fun times while it lasted, so it’s okay.  My sis ended up coming to hang out, so I had nice silky legs for her and my cat instead LOL.

Susan my counselor, and the housing director came over.  He said he could help me with moving… which is awesome!  That was my biggest worry.  Or let me clarify, he could go to ODSP on behalf of me and basically make them pay for it bc I’m moving due to medical reasons.  (Just need to be somewhere close to bus stop, no stairs, no basement, etc.)  So that was a huge relief!  Susan and I are meeting with him on Thursday of next week to check out an apartment 🙂

Marlene was over here when they got here and she got to meet Susan and then my mom too on Wed.  She’s so sweet and kind.  I think the world of her already and it’s only been a month (she’s my PSW).  I had her just make me some mashed potatoes for dinner tonight, so I had one less thing to prepare for Mr. No Show lol and she made the most delicious potatoes I’ve ever aten! Lol seriously yummy!  She’s a really good cook, and likes to chat about meal ideas and makes me hungry lol.

It was nice and hilarious fun having Amanda over tonight 🙂 She vented, I vented by being my usual sarcastic ass hole self (ex. I may be single, but at least I got an almost full box of condoms out of the deal!) hehe.  It was good 🙂  So much fun.. and we get loud together, that Zeus hid under my bed until she left LOL.  My mom brought by some fancy serving dishes she didn’t want any more and Zeus is now sprawled out across them (don’t worry, they’re still in the newspaper until I get around to washing them lol)  And the housing director said he was the fattest cat he had ever seen!!!  I could believe it… but still LOL.  He’s on a diet!!!  It’s not my fault he’s just a fat blob when he eats less than most skinny cats!

Tomorrow I’m going up to my mom’s.  She’s going to take me and my newly silky legs to the hair dressers so I can get my hair cut.  It grows so fast you’d think I was a pot smoker lol.  Good thing I don’t, or else it would be down to my ass by now!  Excited to get it all done 🙂

Alright, have a great weekend everyone and remember… something good always comes from the bad… like the box of condoms! LOL.  Take care 🙂



5 thoughts on “Starting Fresh

  1. Been reading your blog for a bit now hun, and every entry is very interesting and in some cases quite funny LOL

    Hope one day I get a chance to meet ya in person, coz I mean from chatting with ya, etc..ya already seem like the kind of person i am (which can be scary LOL)


    • awww thank you Justin *big hugs* I definitely consider you one of my great friends even though we haven’t met. And it MAY be scary that we’re a lot alike… but it makes things more interesting :-p


  2. *BIG HUGS BACK* I also consider you one of my great friends. And yeah that is true, the scarier or weirder something is, usually the more interesting it is LOL


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