Happy Anniverary TDC!!!… A Day Late Lol

Day of Visibility

I knew there were reasons I wanted to write yesterday, but couldn’t remember them lol… until now!

First of all, yesterday was the Day of Visibility for obviously invisible illnesses.  Also, it was the TDC (the dysautonomia connection) ‘s 3rd anniversary.  Run by a great guy David.  I’ll make sure I post the link in the side bar if I haven’t already.  David is also on the YouTube channel The Manly Potsies (link in the side bar as well).

The Dysautonomia Connection's 3rd Anniversary

I finally got my camera back from my sistah, bc she was borrowing it to get pictures of my youngest Nephew at his first soccer game (the one I got to go to).  And his shorts are so long on him, he looks like he’s wearing pants lmao.  But it’s too cute 🙂


I also got my hair cut again.  I like it… but it wasn’t what I asked for!  The one girl that works at the salon has the hair that I wanted, and when I asked for that from the hair stylist I got stuck with she gave me a bob.  lol women don’t listen to shit!  I’ve only seen the girl once and I even remember what it looked like!  Which is bad considering how horrible my memory is lol.  Oh well, it looks fine, and will only take a couple months to get rid of lol.

I also got a couple pairs of shorts, jean capris and a dress for around $50 at Walmart!  Woo hoo roll backs! lol.  Just wanted summer clothes, since I was running on one pair of shorts!

Very sick in this.. wired for sound though lol

My blood pressure has been low again, but now that I know what it feels like, I know just to drink lots and fill myself up with salty foods.  Still hard to do any major prep type cooking though.  The bed wedge is awesome too bc my blood pressure goes even lower when I’m laying down, but when you get like that, sometimes it’s impossible to hold yourself up sitting, so it gives it an easy balance.

Right now, I’m reading Vangaurd comics.  Very old lol, but for some reason I like them!  They were in the bunch of old ones my dad gave me.  By Pacific Comics… old lol.  The issue I’ve got now is No. 4 done in October of 83, so I was 1 when it was issued lol.  Not as old as I thought though.  Definitely a collection worth checking out 🙂

Alright going to get going bc I have a video I want to post.. hopefully lol.

Take care everyone!



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