Love watching or reading those novels (Ann Rule rocks!) about murders.  I don’t know why,  but it’s really interesting to me lol.  Especially serial killers.  I guess it explains why I want to work with men in prison lol.  Creepy but too interesting to stay away from… with armed guards and drooling German Shepards too of course lol.  This one is about the Belush murders… I think I wrote their name right lol.

from Marlene

Marlene my PSW which I mention from time to time, is from Peru.  They eat their dinner at lunch time, and since she comes to my place in the late morning, she always cooks me a yummy Peruvian meal and I have it for left overs at our dinner time later.  It’s full of salt and always great tasting, which is awesome for my pots bc it helps raise my blood pressure back to normal.  (That’s right!  Constant low blood pressure now, even when I’m feeling half decent.)  But anyway, as good as it is for my pots, it’s horrifying my crohn’s disease and making my stomach feel like freddy krueger is inside trying to get out alien style through the belly lol.  I don’t know if it’s the food (she fries a lot of the stuff and adds things like vinegar, etc.) or if it’s the time I’m eating.  I do notice if my stomach hurts, it’s usually at night, after dinner time.  I really think it’s just the heaviness of the meal no matter when I eat it, but in our culture that’s usually dinner time, but I have to be able to get protein and I can’t eat a lot of fish, and the only nuts I can have are peanuts, and that’s only sometimes.  So how the hell am I supposed to get it?  Any ideas people?  I need to be eating smaller meals with little to no meat, and if so, only chicken.

for Zeus

So I checked out an apartment yesterday which is 3 blocks from my place, but it’s in a BAD area.  City like of course, it takes only two blocks, more like one, to be in a bad area (I’m in a good one here weirdly enough) and there’s no bus near by.  The nearest one, is the one that’s two blocks from here in the other direction, so it would be even further to walk lol.  It was really nice though!  Lots of windows, open concept, big bedroom, and a little storage space, but I’m not going to take it.  I want to be off the ground floor so I can open my windows at night while I sleep without worrying if someone is going to break in.  I’m in a basement now, but even a first floor doesn’t really do any good in that area.  But then I’d have to be in a building with an elevator.  BLAH! lol.  I’m glad I can afford to be picky, bc my lease isn’t up here until November.

Speaking of Marlene… she noticed Zeus drinks out of a mug… yes… he does lol.  He refuses to drink out of a cat dish.  He’ll either drink out of the toilet *gags* and get water on the toilet seat lol or drinks out of my water glass!  Which I REALLY don’t like if he drinks out of the toilet bowl! lol.  So I remembered my friend said his cats were the same way and used glasses, so I got a mug out and BOOM no more sharing my water, or checking the toilet seat for water splashes lol.  Sweet Marlene though, went out and bought Zeus a ceramic cat dish for him, thinking if it was made of something like the mug (he was using a steel dish before) then maybe he’d drink out of it lol.  Too cute.  I’m surprised she likes him bc he screams at her the whole time I’m in the bath bc I shut the door and he can’t get in lol, then runs away from her if she tries to console him.  He’s getting used to her now though.  If I’m around he’ll let her pet him, and he’ll stick his face in her shoes and purse to smell her pets lol.

The weather has been great here.  Warm today, but no major humidity or anything, so I love it 🙂  I haven’t been out a lot, but it’s been more tolerable for when I have been.

Got the The Fury, which is the books the show, The Vampire Diaries is made from.  I thought they’d be dumb, but a friend reassured me they were great, so I figured I’d give them a go and see lol.  I couldn’t start at The Awakening bc the library sucks!  lol.

So if any of you remember me mentioning Candace (the social service worker student) she and her friends are going to be in a MTV reality tv show!  I’m excited to watch it bc I think the world of her, and her friends seem hilarious, so you all need to join the facebook group for updates to watch the show when it starts!   I’ll mention more when I find out too, and post the link to the group in the side bar.

Next week is my dietitian appointment, so I’ll write more then and then more often after wards since I have a lot of appointments coming up the week after.

Take care 🙂


PS  True Blood Season 3 this Sunday at 9pm! WOO HOO!


6 thoughts on “Murdering

  1. Sounds like quite the day for ya hun 🙂 Too bad about the apartment…but yeah better that ya stay in a GOOD and SAFE neighbourhood, eh?

    That is just TOO funny about Zeus. Seeing a cat drink out of a mug….that would be a sight to see LOL

    As for the thing you mentioned about sometimes the time of day. I find that sometimes I can eat certain foods at any given time during the day, but when it gets to about like maybe 5pm or so…if i try to eat these certain foods I am doubled over in pain, or have bad gas or the taste of the food coming back on me….which is not fun! 😛

    As for True Blood, I can’t wait! I mean I know i’ll have to wait till monday to watch it (as I don’t have HBO lol) but what’s one day, eh? 🙂


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