Okay anyone who knows me knows I like sports, but I’m not huge either way… but when it comes to soccer mmmm LOL.  I LOVE it!  Since college when I used to run home from classes to catch the games, it’s become a sad problem I have every year!  Not very many things will get me up at 7am lol.

Also wikid news… True Blood is back!!!  I LOVE this show.  Not at all like the Sookie Stackhouse mystery novels, which are among my favorite series of books, but I love the show anyway.  Definitely one of the few HBO type shows I like to watch.

I had been feeling pretty bad this week, to the point where some days I just didn’t eat bc I couldn’t get up to do anything more than pass out lol.  My mom was nice to come out a lot and see if I needed anything.  I was constantly in and out of sleeping having around 3-5 naps a day lol.  It was sad.

Yesterday I went up to my mom’s and I was exhausted just sitting in the rocking chair visiting with every one.  Going up and down the stairs there is a bitch to deal with too.  My mom saw me blanked out and told me to sleep for a bit lol.  But I got lots of cuddles from the animals there 🙂 they’re my second babies lol.

True Blood

Today I am actually feeling pretty good!  I got vacuuming done, litter box dumped and the garbage ready to go out.  I have more to do and I’ve lost a lot of my energy, but I’m still pushing hehe.  My mom just stopped by with Mcdonalds and I plowed it into me and now I’m dieing LOL. I think everyone regrets eating this crap after wards… why don’t we know better???  Ate waaaay too much lol.

This Sunday is Father’s Day… I think… we’re going to my dad’s anyway to visit, which will be nice bc I haven’t seen him since Easter!

Alright, the Brazil vs. creepy N. Korea game is starting so I’m gonna jet.



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