Dietitian Appointment

Sorry I didn’t write yesterday like I was going to, but I was exhausted, and not in the mood to write.  I actually had a good dietitian appointment!  She wasn’t too good at knowing anything about POTS food wise, but we got talking about vitamins and stuff to talk to the neurologist about.  I am going to start back taking my Calcium with Vitamin D, but I’m most certainly adding Magnesium.  90% of ALL people are deficient in Magnesium, and take waaay to much Calcium which depletes your Magnesium levels even more.  All the symptoms of deficiency are a lot of the symptoms in POTS… crazy.  So I figure even if it doesn’t get rid of my symptoms, if it helps lower how bad some of them are… then it’s a definite win.


Thursday, I was able to go pick up the $20 package of groceries… I’m most definitely going to have to ask someone if they will be able to drop it off to me (the comp. might in disabled cases) bc I got the box full of food plus a ten lbs bag of potatoes, and by the time I hit the bottom of the stairs, my face was flushed and I almost passed out right there.  My mom had parked the van about 20 feet from there, and I just called, “Help!” and she jumped out freaking lol.  Thank God for not having to explain myself.  She just saw my face and my arms and legs shaking and ran over.  It was heavy!  I got lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, cheerios, the potatoes, juice, bread, nutrigrain bars, etc.  And not too much either so it will go to waste.  Just the right amount for a single person.  Wouldn’t really work for a family, but definitely worth the money so I’ll keep doing it.

I talked to my counselor about how stressful the not eating some days is.. most days.  Marlene is wikid, but 2 days a week is not enough cooking wise, and due to budgets, etc. I am only eligible for 2 days, which is awesome, but hard of the days I don’t have her.  She is going to be looking into (and had already been, she knows me too well) different comp. that could help bring me a meal.  The only thing making me not eligible for most is my age.  I’m too damn young.  She is a real kick ass woman, so she knows how to get things done lol.  Thank God I have her, bc the fact that she used to be a nurse, and is so well known and respected here, and the fact that I gained her respect by doing all the work depression wise, means she has my back forever.  She does anything for me in her power.  A lot of stuff I know she doesn’t have to and I’m so lucky she is so caring for me.

I’m watching a wikid documentary that my mate Justin sent me to watch about the makings of the Nightmare On Elm St. movies.  It’s awesome so far!  SOOOO long, which wouldn’t phase me but my arms and back are killing me from sitting in this crappy fold out chair for so long watching it LOL.  Like actual sore muscles LOL.  I need to get a proper chair!

Zeus has become obsessed with one of my face cloths.  He rubs it all over his face, hides his face in it, and snuggles and sleeps with it… he is right now too lol.  I caught him kind of being snuggly with it the other day and posted it on my YouTube channel, so you’ll have to go check it out.  Makes me totally melt 🙂 hehe.

So I FINALLY get to see Carlie and her baby Wyatte this Sunday before I go to my dad’s.  My mom brought the high chair by yesterday and I have his little stuffed dog holding a heart to give him too.  He’s cutting his second tooth, and I hate that I’ve missed seeing him already, so I’m really excited.

Like I said; Sunday, Amanda and I are going to dad’s for a few hours, then Mike will drop Nick off near there (he’s scared of my dad lol) and he’ll get to see his Grandma Lois and Papa Tickle Beard lol (he calls him that from his goatee)

Monday is my appointment with my psych. at the Mental Health Clinic for a med. review from me having a bit of a relapse there.  I think it’s bc of being alone so much.  When I’m healthy, I’m very independent, but also very social, so with not seeing ANYone barely and not having any help with food, etc.  I think that’s the biggest reason why my depression kicked my butt.

I found out last night, that a really good friend of the family Pat (Patricia) passed away :(.  She found out she had aneurysms but she ended up passing from an infection after a surgery.  I feel so sad for her husband who’s really close with my dad, bc he andPat were so in love.  She had such a great personality (New Jersey & Italian decent) that the world is definitely losing a true hearted person with her death.

Alright, heading out.. Happy Father’s Day to all the papa’s out there! Xo!


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