Doctors Appointment

Watching Korea vs. Nigeria… just starting.  Trying to watch two games at once is just NOT fair lol.  I hate that they aren’t separated and because of my doctors appointment, I couldn’t watch the ones in the morning.

like my old family dog with my guinea pig... once he realized he was family too and not allowed to be food lol

My appointment went good!  When I went to my old doctor, I dreaded asking him for help on anything because he always said no and brushed it off!  I love my new doctor, because she realizes I actually need these things done.  Nothing extreme or without reason.  I got my physical done and she noticed how my breathing was really wheezing so I’m back on my stupid inhaler.  I hate taking meds have you guessed?  I make the worst patient for trying to put me on stuff, but I have gotten a little freaked out on nights when it’s been really muggy and having a hard time breathing, so at least now I have it if I need it.  Notice how it always ends in… if I need it? hehe.  I did get a preventative too, which I will take, bc then I’d be less likely to take the other one lol.

I also got a referral to the allergist here to get my skin scraped lol.  Nah, I asked for it bc I want to figure out what makes my allergies so bad… which is where I think the breathing troubles are coming from.  Plus my sister has deadly food allergies and so does my mom and grams, so it would be nice to see if I can eat things like sea food, etc. bc they can’t.  I mainly want to know, bc it’s in a lot of medicines and vitamins especially… and ones I take too that make me sick to my stomach.  Plus a lot of people with pots full blown, end up with a bunch of deadly allergies.. so it’s a good thing to get checked overall.

The mom and I went to Zellers and I got a notebook to track my food and medicines for my Dietitian, and got my vitamins for the month.  I found a cheaper multi-vitamin with all the same vitamins in my expensive one … but once I got home I realized that I have to go back to my old one after I’m done with this, or onto one like my expensive one, bc there isn’t high enough iu’s or mg’s in some of the ones, and it would be cheaper than buying them separately to make up for it I think.  Either way I got a month to figure it out lol.

It’s sickening to have been finally down to just a few med.s a day.. including the vitamins… to be back up to taking 7 or more plus inhalers.  But it’s mainly for the season I suppose.  Was weird, bc usually when I go to a doctor’s office my blood pressure soars bc I’m antsy and then after a while it goes back to normal… today it was low!  I don’t know what my pots is doing lol.  I don’t know if I have H-POTS the rare one then since it’s been normal or low, or not… I just wish that damn Neurologist would call to make an appointment.

I got home to watch FIFA WWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOO lol and I had a message from the doctors office saying my samples weren’t good enough, so I have to go BACK in and do it again, and then go down to the blood clinic, and get it done too.  Will try to do it this week if I can.

Alright, not much to say.  Shakey, but feeling pretty good 🙂  Going to see if it’s still storming, and if not, going to do some laundry.




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