Psych Appointment

I seriously love Maeve.  She is a kick ass, get it done, true, Irish woman lol.  She’s not afraid to tell it like it is, but she’s so nice if you’re the same way with her.

my desktop photo hehe love pigs!

My mom took me in, and I was 5 minutes early.  She came out within a minute of me showing up and had me go in her office and I was out 5 minutes after my appointment started lol.  She’s awesome.  You don’t leave feeling like nothing was accomplished either.  You just go in, she asks what you want and why, she either agrees or disagrees and then asks about my health and if my doctors are being good to me, and then I’m out lol.  My mom thought I didn’t get to go in when I came out so soon.  It’s weird being in that building though bc  it’s where I used to work!  They rented the space over, after my last job moved weeeiiirrd.

So I got my med.s to have on hand if my depression goes out of whack.  They’re actually addictive, but she doesn’t mind giving them to me, bc the last time she gave them to me was 3 years ago and I still have like 20 in the bottle lol.  I just got new ones bc the old ones are obviously no good now, and it’s nice to know they’re there, even though I never take them lol.  She also gave me the okay to move up on my sleeping pills on the nights I needed to.  She laughs at me bc she knows I hate them and will only take them if I have to.  She said she knew I’d come back, bc of my resistance and the dosage being so small that she gave me (I refused to take a normal dose lol hate the side effects) so she thought it was funny I was stubborn since November and FINALLY came and asked for the normal amount lol.  AND she said I don’t have to take them every night which I know with some you do, so I was really glad for that bc I was just in case, when I knew the odd night I wouldn’t have had to.

Afterward, mom took me to the library and I got 4 books.  The one I’m reading right now is the newest Sookie Stackhouse Mystery (the books True Blood is after), and it was published this year, so I’m stoked to read it!!!

Father’s Day was good!  We spent the whole time outside on the patio visiting with dad and Lois, and Kiet & Diane came by (who are basically family to me), then Mike dropped Nick off and he had to entertain everyone too being a ham.  If you’re on my Facebook, I uploaded a video on there of him, Amanda and I in the car on the way home, and he’s busting it to Footloose lol.  It was hilarious.

Mom stopped in and visited for a while, and we were both on the floor cuddling with Zeus LOL.  He’s been cranky, and sucky because yesterday was the first day I had left him for a long period of time and I had to pay for it lol.  He seems more back to his normal dick self now.

Alright, gonna hit the sheets bc I have my family doctor appointment tomorrow at 10am.  I am asking for a few referrals to do with my POTS bc I STILL haven’t heard from the Neurologist, so hopefully she’ll do it.  I went over the list (I can’t remember anything when I’m at the doctor’s) and she said all that would be fine and she’d do it.  (She’s her family doctor too).

Take care everyone *hugs*



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