Asthma Blows!

Hey everyone 🙂 I hope you’re all doing well, even though I know a lot of you are having a hard time.

I started all my new med.s and am feeling a lot more mobile than I was.  My asthma is giving me a kick though, and I hate having to take my inhaler bc 1. I don’t want the shaky side effects which I have on my own so I go crazy when I use it too lol and 2. I really don’t like taking anything and making my body feels like it NEEDS it.  I’ve only had it since Tuesday and I’ve already had to take my inhaler twice.  I started getting a horrible swollen throat so I got a AeroChamber which has helped just having my inhalers effect my better, but my throat is just getting worse.  I feel like I’m coming down with Bronchitis again, but I don’t know how, bc I hadn’t been in public when it started and no one I know is sick with anything.

I found a really cool deal on a nice wooden chair with pleather seating for only $50 or so, and tomorrow, it goes on sale for only $20!  So if there are any left, I’m going to pick up one.  I can finally get rid of  this couch and love seat, and just move my futon out into the living room (I have a bed too  so it’s just taking up more room than needed in the bedroom)  The less stuff I have to move when I find an apartment, the better! 🙂

I also heard from a fellow potsy, Shannon about these ginger candies that help with nausea, that I’m going to look for.

I just finished reading Days of Grace by Catherine Hall.  It was actually pretty good!  The chapters switch between the life of a girl Rose, growing up in England during WW2 and then her as an older woman dying of cancer.  There are some pretty shocking moments during the book, and I’m pretty sure it was the author’s first novel!  Very impressed.

Now I’m reading a collection of short stories written by authors such as Stephenie Meyer of the Twilight series, called Prom Nights From Hell.  Lol cheesy but actually pretty good!  I’m only past the first story, but it’s pretty good so far!

Also finally watching the movie, The Runaways.  I wanted to see it, but with the way my memory is, and how this computer chair is so uncomfortable to sit in for a long period of time, I keep forgetting all the movies I’ve wanted to see!  Really good so far!  Mind you I don’t know the original story of the band to compare, but as just a person watching a movie, I’m really liking it!

Alright, this week coming not a whole lot on the agenda.  Groceries, library, and trying to figure out how to get rid of fruit flies!  I have nothing out for them to eat… and yet here they are!  WTF!!!

Take care ladies and gents, and have a wikid weed!  *hugs*

PS  Have a great Canada Day!

4 thoughts on “Asthma Blows!

  1. Hi, I have asthma and dysautonomia.
    If your new med is a Beta Blocker then in could be making your asthma worse. I have trouble even with beta blocking eye drops. It drives my eye doctor batty.
    I avoid using my nebulizer because I hate how my heart feels afterwards. Yuck.

    Fruit flies are stubborn little buggers.
    I hope you can get the new chair.


      • I’ve heard about these apps! There’s one for heart rate and blood pressure too! Makes me wish I has an iPhone! hehe. But they are amazing ideas, for people who don’t want to have to lug around a bunch of mini medical equipment. And it’s discreet!


  2. No it’s not a beta blocker, they’re either for depression or just vitamins, but thanx for the tip bc I’m sure one of my doctors will try another beta blocker on me before they rule them out! (only been on one) Usually my heart rate blood pressure goes down when I’m having an asthma attack and I’m used to having them both really high, so when it makes my heart go faster, I kinda like it lol. Makes me feel semi normal … and the fruit flies are gone! hehe. Stubborn little buggers is right! 🙂


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