Starting Swimming Soon!!!

Hey 🙂  Just realized I told everyone in my last post to have good weed… not have a good week… though I suppose if you smoke weed that could make your week good too lol.

Haven’t gotten the damn chair yet!  It goes on sale tomorrow lol, so hopefully there’s still some left so I can get one.

"Wanna pay attention to me NOW?"

Yesterday my Grams drove me to the food site and ordered another $20 box… almost passed out on the stairs again bc I didn’t realize they didn’t take debit, so I had to go up them again with cash lol.  Sort of stumbled out… I think God is out to get me bc it is a church lol.

I adore my cat… I really do… but I read the paper (aka the shopping and animal pages) and make a nice pile on the floor next to me as I go, to put it in the recycling… Zeus thought he should help… for the third time!

Today I went to mom’s for the afternoon.  It was beautiful out!  Sat and hung out with my sis and had lunch, and then her and I went to pick Nick up from school bc I haven’t been there since before he was even started there, so she thought it would be a fun surprise.  He came out and didn’t realize I was there at first and was rubbing his eyes bc he was tired and I bent down to his level (he’s so short! lol even for 4) and he jumped into my arms and just cuddled lol.  The he took his book bag off and hugged and gave me a kiss!  And people wonder why I’m a sucker for my nieces and nephews lol.  So he opens his bag and gives me a picture he drew of Zeus, and then gave me his little certificate for graduating junior kindergarten lol but I told him his Mommy would like that more.

So we went back to their house and I stayed for dinner (making rude noises and showing each other our food at the table until his mom and mine gave us both shit lol)

Spoon Bracelet

I got my Potsy Spoon bracelet yesterday!!! It is a bracelet made that was from the Spoon Theory… and if you don’t know what that is, check out the link in the side bar! It’s a great way to sort of explain chronic illness and how it effects us all to people who are healthy.  I love the story and the bracelet has tiny little spoons on it 🙂  To go to Erica’s site to buy the Spoon Theory bracelet or other pretty ones, even awareness bracelets… THE LINK IS IN THE SIDE BAR TOO lol.  She’s really sweet and loves comments on what people think of the stuff.  Came in a cute little green tie bag.

So I know I said I was going to do a YouTube video (side bar people lol) around 2 weeks ago.. but all I did was upload a video of Zeus playing with the face cloth bc I didn’t want what I looked like filmed LOL. I might do it tonight… probably will forget LOL.

Tomorrow  is grocery day! *gags* I’m going to be so sick lol, but happy to have food!  And to try to get that chair grrr hehe and get laundry change bc I have 3 more loads to do… maybe me and the apartment building hallway carpet will meet face to face again lol.  Makes me feel sooo crappy.  Marlene comes too and then Thursday is Canada Day!  It was one of my favorite holidays growing up bc the small village I grew up in, used to hold garage sales at every house in the morning, then games and playing with friends all afternoon, and then we’d all go to my grandparent’s place and sit in the grass and watch the fireworks across the street.  When we first moved to Belleville we took Nick to the day stuff here…. outside of a helicopter it blew!  And I was so sick I had to miss the fireworks!  Last year I had Bronchitis and my Gramps at the nursing home wanted to go, so I didn’t bc I didn’t want to get him sick, so THIS YEAR I GET TO GO lol.  To the fireworks.  Me and Nick and most likely Amanda, will do face painting etc. and go out to watch them.  Going to try to remember my camera.

Then Friday depending on when Marlene comes, Nick and I are going on a swimming date at the YMCA.  I heard swimming is amazing for my type of pots …. mind you I talked to a fellow potsy chick Hillary who’s been swimming and it has made her feel terrible… so here’s hoping it doesn’t make me too sick.  I have a family pass that I got when I first moved here and figured I’d use it up and see if I like it first before buying a new bathing suit.

Also tomorrow I gotta stop by the doctor’s to get some forms for blood work, etc. to take to the clinic.  Woo hoo! *gags* lol

Now I am reading the book, Slaughter House Five.  It’s about a man telling the story of his time as a prisoner to Germany during WWII and his time as an older man afterward.  It’s weirdly quirky, not bloody or disturbing, and even has an alien abduction 😉 hehe.  It was hard to get into at first, but now that the story line has gotten into full swing, I am really enjoying it!

Til Next Time! XOXOXO!



5 thoughts on “Starting Swimming Soon!!!

  1. Hope swimming goes well for ya hun 🙂 and yeah if you’re getting your face painted….i want to see pictures LOL

    As for Slaughterhouse Five, I have never read the book but i have seen the 1972 film version of it. If you ever get a chance, check it out…it’s quite a bizarre movie.


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