Fun Filled Week

Hope everyone had a great Canada Day!  Nick wore his makeup for part of the afternoon then wanted it off lol.  I was going to get my face painted, but Amanda hadn’t been feeling well and Nick has an ear infection, so I didn’t know if we were even going until the last minute lol.

5 minutes before he decided he wanted his makeup washed off lol

Amanda and Nick picked me up early and we went down to the farmer’s market downtown and then went back to mom’s.  I had huge stomach pain from eating a banana again! Grrr!  I was told if you eat it on an empty stomach that won’t happen… not true! hehe.  So we were all napping throughout the day from not feeling great.

We went down to the fireworks by the bridge… possibly called the Bay Bridge… not sure lol.  We got bugged by mosquitoes and got poutine and sat by the car and watched the lights.  Nick thought they were awesome, and kept showing his little stuffed bunny the fireworks too screaming, “Did you see that bunny???”  lol it was too cute.  I did videos of the fireworks so it’s on some of them lol.  He was too cute.  I also got to watch more when I got home through my living room window.

Wed. mom took my grocery shopping and I was really out of breath, but no where near as sick as I normally am!  Woo hoo!  I think the highest my heart rate got was 138 bpm which is awesome for me 🙂  I also got the chair finally!!!  It wasn’t actually the chair I thought it was, but the one I got is still nice and comfy.  I haven’t had time or help to get the couch and love seat out yet, so I’m using it as a computer chair right now and it’s nice!  I can lean back and put my feet up and watch movies!

Climbing the car to get a seat for the show!

Today, Marlene comes around noon, and then if I can get into my bathing suit lol Nick and I are going to the YMCA to go swimming for a while before his dad comes and picks him up 🙂  I’m hoping it will go over well, and I can go at least once a week and get some exercise.  Also.. I’ve lost 6 more pounds!  Woo hoo! LOL.  Just sucks bc all the new shorts I bought I can pull right off me without undoing them lol but no complaints!

I am now reading, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer.  It’s the life story of one of the not well known vampires in the Twilight series.  Speaking of which… want to go see the movie!!!

Alright, gonna head out and make some breakfast and figure out the YMCA schedule for this afternoon.  Have a great weekend and July 4th to my USA potsies!  *hugs*



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