Happy Birthday Grams xo!

I wasn’t even going to write for a bit bc I feel sick to my stomach still after all the stress from the other day.  Thank God I’m seeing my counselor Susan tomorrow 😦

As you can see from my last entry… I was a little bit of a mess lol.  I even took a Lorazepam which I haven’t done in years.  The heat is definitely wearing on my.  29 right now, with the humidity, feels like 41 or something!  Craziness.  Even Zeus is minding it I think.  Poor guy.

I had been having rough days pots wise, and it kicked my depressions butt into high gear.  I was going through a hate the world moment.  Grief is normal when dealing with sickness on a day to day basis, but it is sooo draining on me when I have those days.  I’d say worst than dealing with the illness itself.

Swimming with Nick was so much fun.  He had on a life jacket and little goggles.  He was stuck to me like a spider monkey lol, and then I slowly convinced him to hold onto just one of my hands so we could both swim.  It was great.  I didn’t get a LOT of swimming myself in, bc we got there with only a half hour before private lessons started, and with helping Nick, but I don’t think I could’ve done much more anyway so it worked out.  I was so crazy thirsty though!

Today is my Gram’s birthday.  She is ughhhh….. 81 lol.  She is doing good for an old girl!  Just waiting on her and my mom to get done their eye appointments, and then they’re picking me up.

Right now, I’m reading, The Summer We Read Gatsby.  It’s good so far!  I haven’t been up to reading a whole lot with being so crazy minded lol but hopefully now that I feel back to my normal self, I’ll get into reading more of it.

Once again, I’d like to thank my potsy ladies for being there for me the last two days.  You all rock so much!  It’s nice to know I have you’s for support *hugs*

Alright, gonna head out and get ready to go.




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