This Weather Is Crazy!

NEVER been so excited for a thunder storm, like I am for the one that’s supposed to come tomorrow lol.  I just sit away from my fan for 2 seconds and I’m pouring sweat… gross lol.

I’ve got the damn carrot cravings again! LOL

So I have some heart news!  I got a call from the rehab therapy clinic where my cardiologist team is a couple hours away and she’s sending me some forms to fill out and then I go in for blood sugar tests… AND A STRESS TEST!  Like I said to the lovely Cindy when she had to do one, I’d rather get another tilt table test! Lol.  I’m not lazy, and used to use a treadmill all the time before, but omg.. there is NO WAY I’m going to run on that thing and NOT faint.  I’ll happily do it if it helps me even a little bit, but it is the one test I hoped they’d never want me to do lol.  But a cool thing about it, is afterward I’ll meet with the Cardiology team (they don’t know pots but oh well lol) and the rehab specialist to design a plan for me specifically.  I wish it was the Neurologist instead bc he is a specialist in pots… so just a little worried they will just be looking at it from a heart stand point, and not factor in the major things like standing, and cardio that can really make me sick.  Though still excited for it!

I saw Susan, my counselor yesterday.  She is going to be looking for an air conditioner for me, thank GOD!  I haven’t slept now the last 4 nights.  In the morning I’ll fall asleep for an hour or two then that’s it til the next day.  Sleeping pills aren’t helping, it’s gotta be the heat!  It’s affecting my asthma when I lay down, my blood pressure drops and I start burning up.

She also brought by the meal order form from Meals on Wheels.  If I go with not having it come cooked, I can afford it and there are lots I like… but sometimes, well a lot of times I can’t even cook that bc I’m afraid I’ll pass out while cooking, but the hot meals is like $60 more I think, so there’s no way I can swing that.  Still deciding 🙂

As well, I think I have strep throat… AGAIN! Boo!  So far I don’t think it’s making me feel sick or anything, it’s just that swollen and achy, hard time swallowing part.  I’m going to leave it for a couple more days and if it’s still around then I’ll get it checked out.

My mom was going to drive me to the doctors to get the order forms for the blood work, etc. tests I have to do here in Belleville but I think today I won’t be doing a whole lot.  She’s going to pick it up for me and then hopefully tomorrow I can go get it all done.  Depends on if I can get out to see my dad, but I doubt I will.

I am also going to be going to a sleep clinic finally!

Well now that I’m pouring buckets, I’m going to go try to get my 1 hour sleep for the day lol.  Hope you’re all doing well 🙂 *hugs*


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