The Cove

Holy God have any of you seen the documentary, The Cove?  If you haven’t make sure you check it out.  Amazing and just plain crazy.

Zeus with his purse being smart in the heat

If my typing skills are off this morning, I apologize.  I took my inhaler about a half hour ago, and it gives me mad shakes so I may not notice every time I git the wrong key… which trust me is a lot lol.

I finished the book I mentioned in my previous post, The Summer We Read Gatsby.  I loved it!  A total chick book, I doubt any of you guys would like it, but I’d say it’s one of my favorite books 🙂

So the heat wave that sent the weather into the late 40’s has finally finished.  Hopefully we won’t get another one lol.  I sweat in regular Summer, I don’t need anymore help!  I thought as I had mentioned before that I had strep throat from it being so swollen and in pain.  I realize now it was dehydration like I suspected.  I drink about 3Litres of water a day bc of having pots (you get super dehydrated easily and if you don’t have enough salt in your system to compensate, you’ll just pee it all out) unfortunately when the weather was so high, I was drinking about 5Litres a day, but I was constantly sweating the worst I ever have and going pee every hour!  So I should’ve really gone to the hospital to get IV’s since I couldn’t get enough into me and it was starting to really effect me, but of course my stubborn ass didn’t go.

hiding from the heat

I just called my mom’s and got my grandma to wake my mom up since she asked me to last night.  She’s taking me to get blood work done, to the library and get Zeus’ food from the vets.  I’m wondering if she’s up since she falls back asleep SO easily.  You literally have to get her mad by constantly calling her or she’ll just go right back to sleep lol. It drives me insane.  I told her I am going to video tape her sleeping and post it on facebook for everyone to see LOL.  She has crazy snores too.  It freaks me out if I’m in the same room with her when she’s doing it lol.

So FIFA is over 😦 Now it really should be Winter!!!  I wasn’t going for Spain, but it was cool to see a country who’s never won the cup get it.

OMG my mom just called me awake!  *faints* LOL.

Alright, not a whole lot to say since everything happened last week lol.  This week, I just have my errands today, and then to go pick up my box of groceries on Thursday *mmmm fooooood*  I’ve also cut Gingerale off my list (all pop actually) bc it’s giving me gut rot too.  Better for me anyway, just going to have to find something new for nausea.  Still looking for those ginger candies to try.  And Big Brother is back!  What a ridiculous show!  But I love it! LOL.

Take Care All & Have A Good Week!


PS Happy Birthday Julie!!! 🙂  *hugs*


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