Alright Catch Up Time

Hey 🙂

This morning I got a message from my dad drunk asking me to go to breakfast lol.

Zeus modelling with the new foot stool/ cubby

Him & Lois picked me up at 9 and we went to this place semi near me that I had never been to before.  It was cheap and delicious!  I decided since I NEVER eat normal breakfast meals because of POTS and Crohn’s, I would go all out today lol.  I got an egg, a couple slices of bacon, home fries and toast with strawberry jam. MMMmmm so good!  Been so long since I ate any of that crap lol.  Won’t be eating it again for a long time either, so it was nice 🙂

Lois (my step mom whom I love 🙂 ) works at my old high school as a janitor supervisor, and when kids lose their stuff and it goes to lost and found, apparently the school only keeps it for so long before they get rid of it, and some of it is nice stuff!  So my step mom always grabs us stuff she thinks we’ll like LOL.  She got me a new pair of running shoes last year (they never have my size! 9) and she got me another pair this week! woo hoo! hehe.

new chair i mentioned before

Last night, was the first night I actually slept in 2 weeks or more.  I would get a couple hours in the later morning, but then I’d be up again all night.   Last night, I finally crashed… for four hours LOL.  I was up around 4am, but seriously feel so much more rested!  Hopefully this keeps up!  I like and need my sleep!  I stopped taking my sleeping pills bc they weren’t working anyway, and was told I could have sleep apnea which when taking sleeping meds, could actually make me not sleep.  Either way I didn’t sleep lol.

Yesterday my mom turned 56.  Most people freak as they age no matter how old they are.  I actually don’t mind aging.  What bothers me, is seeing my parents age!  My dad is going to be 60 next year!  Now I know 60 isn’t old and he is in amazing shape, but 60 is too old for my dad to be for my liking lol.  I worry and I detest them getting older bc I want them around forever!  I’m such a moosh ball.

Anyway, I went up to my mom’s and we had an early celebration at lunch time since it was on a Friday and Nick would be going to his dad’s around dinner time.  Had cake… I now hate that cake LOL.  It was good though 🙂  Got to spend time with my little nephew, then my sis after he left, and didn’t feel too sick.  My heart rate stayed around 130 standing, 100 sitting which is great for me, and normal to high blood pressure, so yay! lol Sounds bad, but pots people know what I mean lol.

Showing off his assets lol

Also wikid news, I wont the contest on the 5 Awesome Potsies channel on YouTube! (link in the side bar) I realistically thought it would be impossible to win since I was usually too sick to do video replies, and had no one to get to join the channel, so I figured there was no way.  I especially thought so, when they announced the 2nd and 3rd place winners the day before, bc I knew there was no way in hell I’d get 1st… 🙂

So I got the option between one of three prizes.  A tote bag… thought no, I have a thousand already, a pillow… no my cat would take that over and I’d never get to use it, and a water bottle… water/pots/hydration/something I’d actually use.. went with that lol.  It has the 5 Awesome Potsies logo on it and a little saying underneath (forget what it says) so I’m excited to get it!  I’ll post a picture one I receive it from the ladies.

They’re all terribly adorable and sweet, and I think the world of them, so it was really nice to win something.  Kyli who does the Thursday videos, was one of the first people I found with pots when I was waiting to be diagnosed and wanted to learn more about it.  I learned so much from her and now the other 4 too about great tips, since living with pots, means more learning to manage from home then with the doctors.

Reply to Hillary's med.s - most of my daily's

I created another facebook account just for my potsie friends.  I know it’s hard listening about an illness someone doesn’t understand, but I also need to be able to spread info. to the others, and be able to vent more easily.  They are the ones that know first hand what I’m going through, and in turn, end up being a huge support system for me, so I made it so I can post these entries on there as well.  I think the only non pots person I have on it, is my mom.

So coming up, I’m going back to my family doctor about my test results, and I want to get a copy of the info. from my tilt table test, so I can have it for when researching online.  Also getting a referral to the sleep clinic, which happens to be right next door to her lol.  My social worker is going to take me.  She’s so sweet, she brought me by homemade cream of broccoli soup!

Mom & Nick before blowing out the candles!

Then I have my dietitian appointment to work with whatever my test results say.. I should think it will be the last time I see her.  I hope lol.  She’s been awesome about vitamins but food wise, I already know it all for Crohn’s and POTS she hasn’t a clue on of course.

Anyway, that’s it for now!  Just wanted to share the latest! *hugs to all*


PS: I still haven’t done the V-Log… I just don’t want my scariness on video when I feel like crap! LOL


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