Stress Test Is Booked!

I got home from being at my mom’s visiting with my aunt Kelly who was down, to find out my dietitian was re booked for next week, and got an email from the cardiology rehab. center to tell me my stress test is THIS Tuesday! BLAH! LOL

You rock! You rule! lol

I was NOT expecting it to be so soon!  I have to go in for 9:30am on an empty stomach for blood work, then drink some weird thing and come back 2 hours later and get blood work again.  THEN  around 1:30 I go back to the hospital and get the stress test done.  The city is two hours away so I don’t know what they expect me to do in between lol.

I have to go back again on the 6th to meet with the cardiac rehab therapist and a cardiologist and go over a exercise regime for me.  I just found out that I should NOT be exercising until properly medicated, and I’m going to bring the paper where I read it with me and see what they say.  If it is my reg. cardiologist, I am also going to mention having to wait until March 2011 to see the Neurologist, and ask him to work with my family doctor if I can bring in a drug regime for him to do… if he has the balls to do it lol.

So my dietitian wanted to see me AFTER I see my family doctor, to see what my blood work said… and now she’s changed the appointment to BEFORE… so what the hell am I going for?  She’s going to bitch about eating too much salt, which I will argue with bc I have to for POTS and blah blah blah lol.  Kinda pointless, but whatever.

It was awesome getting to see my aunt Kelly 🙂 she has to go home tomorrow though, BOO!  I love her to death and it sucks bc she lives so far away.

I also saw my social worker today and she’s going to show me some good QUICK recipes for soups and pasta dishes she likes, which will be wikid!  I love cooking I just can’t be doing it all day!  She got recommended a really good cook book from her dietitian that she’s letting me borrow too so I can see what I may like.  I’m excited to try some of the stuff!

So tomorrow is going to be crazy… for a person who lives in bed or on the couch that is LOL.  Marlene comes in the morning, and I have to call her boss and reschedule last minute for all these appointments that happen to land on days when Marlene usually comes and get her August schedule.  Then I have to call both cardiology offices and confirm my stress test, and meet, etc. and call the dietitian to confirm I can make the new time.  Afterward, my grams will be picking me up to see my aunt Kelly again before she goes, and get the pictures she wants off the camera.

I also have to go to the library to pick up dun dun dun, The Silence of the Lambs LOL.  I’ve been talking way too much about all the movies, now I intend to read the book.  I keep trying to read It, but it’s SO LONG and makes me sleepy lol and I get bored and give up.

Then I have to go to the bank, and then to the dollar store and pick up some bristol board for some family tree thing I’m doing with my social worker.  Sounds odd, but I’ll talk more about it after I get into it more.  It’s actually pretty exciting!

Alright, gonna hit the sheets… just realized it’s 9:40pm LOL  But I’ve been up since 2am so I have an excuse :-p

Take Care All!


4 thoughts on “Stress Test Is Booked!

  1. aww thanks hun! i checked out your blog and it looks cool 🙂 visiting w my mom, but i’ll take a better look when i am home tonight. hope you’re feeling well!


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