Day After Hell

Yesterday was soooo long lol.  Grams, mom and I got to the hospital for 9:30am which meant leaving home at 7:30am and I had been up since 1:30am!!!  I got the first round of blood work done, and then had to drink this thing that tasted like orange crush.  I thought, awesome, it doesn’t taste gross, and I haven’t had a drink in 12 hours so I’ll chug this… two little cups of this stuff took me almost 10 minutes to drink LOL.  It was so full of sugar I thought I was never going to make it through it.  They’re testing me for diabetes.  So two hours later of literally just sitting around and doing nothing, I got the next round of blood work done and I ambushed the cafeteria and chugged a bottle of water and had a turkey sandwich, which ended up having a long white hair in it *gags* lol.

Cuddle Time!

After two more hours of waiting around, I went up to the 2nd floor and had my stress test.  They girl who did it was great, and lot smaller than me, so there was no way I was going to pass out on her.  The full run of the treadmill is 25 minutes.  The only person to make it, was an ex army guy at the end of the rehabilitation program, and he only got to 22 minutes, so I knew I wasn’t going to lol.  I made 12 minutes.  I could have went a couple more minutes, but I didn’t want to faint so I stopped when I started getting really dizzy.  The highest my blood pressure went, was 167/80 and heart rate was only around 160bpm max… which I was shocked to hear bc just walking around the hospital, made my heart rate go up to 150bpm so it must have calmed down my the test.

We got home around 3pm and I was feeling well enough to go to my own place.  I ended up falling asleep watching tv and woke up at 1am! lol I must have been tired.  I fell back asleep around 3am and was starting to feel a bit sore… until I woke up this morning lol.  I was sooo sick to my stomach I could barely drink water.  I swore I was going to be sick, so I canceled the dietitian appointment.  Ended up in my favor bc my mom was supposed to get me at 9am and when I called at about ten to, she was still asleep lol.  I was also going to do some cooking with Susan but that obviously wasn’t going to happen lol.

Before I ate lunch I was shaking pretty bad, and decided to take out two huge, heavy bags of garbage… stupid lol.  Almost passed out on the way back in.  I’m feeling better now (around noon) but my joints are really hurting, like my hands, and back and shoulders and I’ve had a lot of chest pain.

Grams and Nick came by a little while ago and he was wearing his soccer medal he got to show me 🙂  Now just relaxing and watch Sex and the City.  I’m watching the one with Mr. Big and Aidan fighting, and then they become friends lol.

Alright, gonna head out.  I won’t be around the next couple days much, just to get stuff around here done and groceries, PSW and whatever else.  I’m still feeling better than I was even last week, but I’m still not quite back to normal crappy pots me lol.  Will write more after my appointments next week, when I get all my results and my tilt table test paper work.  Then I can double check for myself that I have H. POTS.

Take Care All!  *hugs*


4 thoughts on “Day After Hell

    • lol orange crush, not squash 🙂 but it does cause a bit of nausea, but nothing compared to some of the things I’ve had to drink for Crohn’s Disease tests!


  1. Sounds like you had quite the “fun” times hun lol hope the tests turn out positive. Didn’t like hearing about all the pain you were goin through 😦 but kinda comes with the territory, eh?

    Well I hope you will take it easy hun, and ya really gotta try and find something better to watch…i mean COME ON…Sex and The City?! LOL just kidding, i mean i personally don’t like that show but different strokes for different folks as the saying goes 😛

    Take care of yourself hun *hugs*


    • LMAO different strokes for different folks LOL. I’m a girl… I think sex and the city comes with the territory LOL. Nothing to worry about 🙂 the pain wasn’t that bad, and I felt a LOT better than I was expecting to. I think it just tired me out… which was the least of my worries hehe. Hope you’re doing well to hun! Thanx for checking in 🙂 it’s nice to have friends who make a general interest in my craziness :-p


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