End of the Week Madness

Hey I’m back to being alive woo hoo!

Peek A Boo!

I was feeling pretty crappy I suppose from the stress test.  Not a lot of muscle aches, just nausea and joint pain.  My grams brought by a heat wrap and back support thing that my gramps had but never used.  I have kind of like a mini heat pad, as well as my oatmeal bags.  The pad I have though, you can’t lean on, or else it heats up crazily.  So this one grams gave me will be good bc I can use it when sitting in a chair and lean right back into it without worrying I’m going to burn myself.

So the last couple days not a lot has happened.  I’ve been sleeping so much I’ve had no idea what day it is if it wasn’t for my computer having the date! lol.  I did get my family tree done.  Susan, my counselor, wanted me to write out my family, and mark which ones had mental illnesses, and I added ones that had autoimmune diseases and heart problems.  It looks like a total mess but I got it done lol.  It’s a cool idea, I liked doing it!

My grams also brought over this HUGE fan that she got.  It’s about the size of those old box fans we had when we were little (80’s) but it’s round shaped.  It throws air that’s for sure!  I have it aimed at me right now on low, half way across the room and it’s still blowing stuff on my desk all around lol.

Zeus helping with the family tree

Tomorrow Marlene comes in the morning, and I’m going to have her cooking up a storm.  I’ve had the biggest cravings for mashed potatoes and fried rice LOL and she does both soooo well 🙂  After she goes, my mom will be stopping in after Nick’s swimming lesson, and we’ll be going grocery shopping, getting cat food, heading out to the reserve, and paying for my $20 fresh food groceries for mid way through the month… oh and the bank lol.

Once I get home, I have about 3 loads of laundry to do, and then more once my clothes are dry (use a drying rack to save having to use the dryer) .  I haven’t been over to my mom’s to hang out with Nick or my sis in over a week, but I’ve been so out of it, and now that I’m not I have to use what energy I got to get every thing done around here.

HUGE fan lol

I’ve also been adding to this blog.  I’ve already added a section for blood pressure cuffs and heart rate watches, but I want to add another one for tilt table tests and stress tests, so people who haven’t done them, know what to expect.

Anyway, it’s 1o:30pm and I’ve only been up for 2 hours!!!  So I’m going to head out and try to sleep more so I won’t be so wiped tomorrow.

Hope you’re all doing well!  Especially my LOOP and Kyli! *big hugs* ladies!

5 thoughts on “End of the Week Madness

  1. sounds like it’s been a busy few days for ya hun lol. Hope you have/had a good sleep….and yeah for the record that is a BIG ASS fan LOL *hugs*


    • yeah I didn’t sleep at all lol. nausea reared its ugly head and I ended up being up all night, but I don’t feel too bad today. I just wanted to get everything done at once so I could chill the rest of the week… still didn’t get it all done! lol. Hope you’re doing well 🙂 *hugs* and yes… that’s a BIG ASS fan lol. It’s taller than the arm rest on my couch by about 6 inches or more lol.


  2. Damn! LOL that sucks bout not getting any sleep hun but glad ya didn’t feel too bad today 🙂

    as for me, doing ok I guess over the week i will admit i was having my up and down days, but right now not doin TOO bad, so that’s always a plus


    • aww im sorry hun 😦 those down days are so hard to deal with. i hate knowing that such an awesome true person would be at all sad. I’d give ya a big hug if I could. know i’m here anytime u need me!


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