It’s Almost Fall!!!

I’m so happy August has gone by so quickly!!!!  Cold weather is coming soon!

Well, I was planning on going to go to physical therapy on Thursday.  I felt achy Tuesday night, but by Wednesday evening I was starting to feel better and not so sick to my stomach… and then I went to bed lol.

He has a thing for bags and purses lol

Every time I lay down my stomach starts rolling and I get really bad nausea.  Then I’m wide awake and can’t sleep.  I get up and eat something, and feel better, but my joints hurt so badly I need to just lay my head down… and the nausea starts again lol.  Even my damn toes hurt!  Weird… my arm muscle hurt even though I worked out my legs, but that pain was gone almost right away.   Since the first day or so it’s been in my wrists, fingers, ankles, toes, stomach, head, neck (pulled a muscle sleeping).  I haven’t been able to leave the house except to go to my mom’s and lay on her couch lol.

I called my Cardiologist and he wants me to get in there right away since each day it just keeps getting worst, so I am going in at 8:45am on Monday!  I couldn’t believe I got in that fast!  Awesome 🙂  I’m going to call the physical therapist too and just ask her what I can do from home, bc I’m not putting myself through this crap again next week.  I really like being able to work out at a gym again too, but oh well 🙂

When I was at the last physical therapy class, they gave us a bunch of papers to take home, and I was looking over them a few days ago and noticed my cholesterol was high… so when my counselor was over visiting yesterday, (she is a nurse as well) I had her look at the numbers to get her opinion.  She told me to call my family doctor asap and get in there and show it to her.  Kind of worried me to be honest, bc some of the numbers were double what they consider normal, and none of the doctors had mentioned it to me.  I know my heart is healthy, but of course I want to keep it that way!  So I called, but I can’t get in until Sept. 14th, which is fine, I’ll just bring the paperwork with me to the Cardiologist on Monday.

I went on Kim’s Hyper POTS group (website in the side bar) but only a couple people responded, so I don’t know if it’s POTS related or not.  I could see it.  My dad has been a big help, since he has high cholesterol too, and made me feel a bit more calm about it.  I wonder if it’s hereditary?  Anyone know?

I was hoping to be able to fix it through diet, since I’m having a horrible time with exercising, but I don’t really eat anything with high cholesterol except cheese.  I am going to try to find the lighter fatty versions of the odd things I do eat, and stick to eating whole grains instead of white breads and rice, and switch from 1% milk to skim… I only drink it in my coffee though, but whatever lol.  Any little thing will help 🙂  My dad got put on Lipitor (sp?) and now he can’t go off it!  Don’t know if that’s what it’s like with all cholesterol medicines, Lipitor itself, or just his case in general.  But when he changed his diet, and kept up with the exercise, he wanted to go off it to see if he could manage it himself, and his doctors said no, he’d never be able to.   I always like my options!

So next Tues.  if I don’t go to the dietitian through the physical therapy unit, I will be going grocery shopping (so long as this sickening feeling goes away) and Zeus and I are changing our diets lol.  You must have noticed how unusually fat he is… lmao.  He’s happy, and doesn’t eat a lot, but could probably eat less and move around more.  He has to be on the food he is on due to him being vulnerable to getting crystals (almost killed him once) but obviously him being SO overweight is good either.  I think he’s gained more since me moving out from mom’s, bc he doesn’t have her kittens to play with, and his brother Bizkit passed away, so it’s just him… which he actually seems happier for bc he hates not being the dominant cat, but he’s gotten lazier.  So I’m going to get him a measuring cup for his food, and start using his laser toy with him more to get him moving.

When I go to the doctors (my GP) I’m going to ask her, and the cardiologist about something for my nausea too.  I can deal with the pain… it sucks, but I’ve been told taking pain medicine can make your POTS symptoms worse, so I’ll handle that lol, but this nausea has got to be my worst symptom, bc it knocks me right down to not being able to do much of anything.

Anyway, not much else is new.  Just been home and pukey feeling lol.  Just been a little worried about my over all health and how all of this is going to effect my in the near future.  I am willing to do all I can to get better, but it’s frustrating when doctors quite understand why it’s happening.  Hope you are all doing well and I will write more after my appointment with my Cardiologist on Monday.



First Day Of Physical Therapy

My Grams took me in this morning to my first physical therapy class.  I was a bit nervous, but still really excited to go…

A family friend's dog Sam died 😦 She was an absolute darling 😦

My mind is jumbled by a million thoughts and worries now.  I just got off the phone telling my dad how sick it made me, and he answered by how great that was!  I hate when his life gets in the way of our relationship, and makes me wonder why even bother trying to keep him up in every thing going on in my life.

A close friend of the family died a couple weeks ago or so.  I am annoyed that I wasn’t well enough to make it to the wake or the funeral bc I didn’t want his wife to think that I didn’t care, bc he meant the world to me.  I was given a nice little guilt trip for not making it there bc if he doesn’t know what I’m going through… or even try to comprehend it, he won’t understand why I can’t just buck it up and go EVERY time something comes up.  I was bed ridden those days and the days before and after… but he wouldn’t know that.  Sorry… family drama.

"Let me slober on your camera!"

Anyway, I am in a class with 10 other people… all older than me, none of which have POTS.  We have to do a mandatory warm up and cool down before we’re allowed to leave.  All of which involves standing.  All of which makes the room spin and me nausea on a whole other level I’ve ever experienced outside of the flu.

The exercising itself is DAMN HARD but my stubborn ass can do that bc they have me on things that involve sitting…  on a recumbent bike and some other weird thing that’s almost like an elliptical/ stair stepper in recumbent bike form LOL… I know that makes no sense, but that’s what it’s like!  Very weird to get used to, and tiring as hell, but doable!

I told them I couldn’t do the standing, and they just kept saying try… so I did the whole damn thing and was so sick because of it.  Then we had to get our blood pressure, heart rate, etc. checked so more standing.  I honestly called my mom when I got home and just bawled bc I was so upset.

Zeus was NOT pleased with a kid in the apartment lol

I know it sounds silly and I don’t normally get emotional like this, but I LOVE to exercise, and I’m NOT lazy, and I don’t want anyone thinking anything differently of me, especially people who are involved in me getting help to get better.  They’re all very sweet, but know jack shit about POTS.  Fine, today I pushed myself above and beyond past my limit and I can handle it, but this can’t keep happening like this!  They said I would never feel as badly as I did on the treadmill during my stress test as an intake for this cardiac / physical rehabilitation course, and I’m sorry, but that’s bull shit!  So far everything they have had me do has been harder and more physically draining on me than that damn stress test.  It was a piece of cake compared to the rest.

Now they have me set up to go see a dietitian… bc I love those as you all remember LOL, and even though I’ve lost 20 lbs through changing my diet, I am still 2 inches over weight… yeah I could have told them that… they think I’m eating like shit, when in reality I eat really healthy meals and snacks, but unfortunately due to POTS, I can’t stand up for very long to make 3 meals a day, which means my body is in starvation mode, and storing whatever it does get, bc it doesn’t know when its going to get food and nutrients next.

What am I to do about that???  I live on my own, I have no family I can live with for help, the ones near by try but can’t every day of the week, my dad… pfft not even going there, I have a PSW who helps with that as much as she can, but when I don’t make enough to buy a bunch of stuff to go into casseroles etc. every single week, there’s only so much my PSW can make with to have left overs.  I only see her 2 days a week, Wed. and Fri.  so by Monday, I have nothing to eat for dinner 😦  I’m lucky to be well enough to make myself soup out of a can… and yet with the doctors, physio therapist, etc. knowing this… they expect me to push myself to walk 30 minutes a day, and do at least 3 crazy sessions a week of what they did with me today.

My Sweety's! 🙂

I’m upset bc I feel like I’m not getting through to them.  They are super sweet, but it’s not registering as anything than a lazy chubby girl trying to make excuses.  Before this happened I was 40lbs lighters, I worked out at the gym for 3 hours a day… bc I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It wasn’t a forced thing!  To me it’s like telling me the day I was admitted to the hospital for Crohn’s Disease, to get up and work out for a half an hour at least daily.  Doesn’t make sense does it???  I feel worse than I did then, and I am in no way on the way to recovery!  I am on a medication that doesn’t work!  Beta Blockers do NOT fix everything with POTS!  I want to puke and cry lol.  I’m so mad and upset and frustrated, and I don’t know what to do.  Some people keep pushing me, and it’s too much!  They don’t understand how POTS is affecting my body as a whole, and I don’t want to quit and make those people think I’m not doing every thing in my power to get better.

I’m going to call my cardiologist that works closely with the rehabilitation therapists and see what he has to say.  I hope I can get an answer from him before my class on Thursday.

Yesterday on a great note, I got a surprise call from Carlie.  She is the friend I mentioned I hadn’t seen since college when she moved home.  My roommate and I thought of her like a little sister, and her and her fiance moved near by me.  (We were both in dorms together in Oshawa) and they had a baby boy, Wyatte who I’ve been dieing to see!  She called me a few blocks away from my place and asked if they could stop by!  Finally! hehe.  So I got to meet the little handsome man, who is so sweet and adorable, and so well behaved and easy going, he even let me carry him down to my apartment when they got to the building!  He was a right ham, and automatically, and not just bc he’s my little sister’s baby, but also bc he’s just amazing, love him entirely.  SO CUTE!  Totally made my month 🙂 haha.

Devious Designs

I was reading, “My Name is Memory” by Ann Brashares… omg ladies please be smart and pick up this book.  I promise you, you will love it.  It has become one of my all time fave.s and that doesn’t come easily.  It’s more of a chick book, but so great.

Now I’m reading L A Candy by Lauren Conrad of The Hills… I’m only on page 50 or so but I almost want to laugh at how… how should I put this…. how dumb blond it is!  I love The Hills as dumb of a show as it was, and I’ve been wanting to read this book despite my personality making no sense for me to want to…. but I’m super bummed about how sad it is so far.  And not sad in a good way lol.  I’m going to fight my way more into it bc I did really want to read it… but my god this is just not right LOL.

Okay, speaking of questionable television, I’m going to go watch Ghost Hunters LOL.  I do LOVE this show though 🙂  Then Monster Quest, to follow.  Sorry this has been such a downing entry, but this is a place with people who know me through and through, and or no what it’s like to deal with POTS and how much people have a hard time understanding it.  It helps make me feel more sane to get all my worries and stresses as well as the great things that happen in my life, out in the open!

Will write more after I’ve decided my next step.


PS Will be online again tomorrow.  I’m too mushy brained right now to be sociable tonight.  xoxoxo

PPS  Make sure to check out the Hyper POTS website in the side bar!!!  Brought from the facebook group by Kimberly… aka Cookie hehe.  LOVE the site.  Lots of information to find!  Answers a LOT of questions.

Update On Physical Therapy & Life

Next week on Tuesday, I go in for my first physical therapy class.  I know I have to do at least ten minutes on two pieces of exercise equipment.  While at home, I am to walk 30 minutes every day.  It felt really great at first and got tired out from it, but still had a little boost of energy so I was all for it!

Nick wearing his birthday cake hat

I’m not sure if it is the new Beta Blocker Bisoprolol or the walking, but I feel terrible.  I push myself to walk, and I either end up fainting on the walk, or I come home and go straight to bed for the rest of the day.  I was talking to my friend Julie, and she agreed, regardless the walking so much and every day is pushing me away from getting better.

Like I said to her, when I started exercising again after being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, it was tiring bc I was weak, had lost over 30 lbs in two weeks, and had lost all muscle I had.  I was able to do it though and easily work myself back to health bc I was in remission and no longer technically sick still.  This time around, not only have I been sick a lot longer, I’ve been a lot sicker.  The main thing being, is they are having me go from being house bound to exercising like a regular healthy person, not even building myself up.  And there’s another big difference from when I started exercising after my Crohn’s diagnosis… I’m still sick this time around!  I’m not even on the way to remission yet.  Taking a shower seems almost impossible… EVERY day!  My whole body shakes like crazy just to get a drink which is about 10 feet away from me!  I wake up rocking the entire bed, and not in a fun way!  I don’t know how they expect me to do this.

I’ve taken a couple days to rest after my last walk bc it made me feel so horrible pots symptoms wise.  I dread the thoughts of walking tomorrow bc I know that will be all I’ll be able to do, and I’ll be spending the rest of the day in bed.

Jasper 🙂

As for Bisoprlol, no symptom relief yet.  My doctors push that it’s my high heart rate causing most, if not all my symptoms, but then what the hell is pots then????  Not a heart problem!  It’s a nervous system problem that as a part, not as a whole, affects my heart.  That’s just the beginning wouldn’t you think?  I still say I need autonomic testing done to see what’s being affected a whole, not just the obvious.  My heart rate is pretty much normal on these med.s and I feel the worst I’ve felt… since I was on my last Beta Blocker.  I don’t mind waiting it out, but I don’t feel well, and I don’t think this is helping me.  My doctor wants me to be on it at least two months to give it a good go.  Which I agree with… just sucks feeling so horribly!  Not sure how long it’s been yet…. hell I don’t even know what day it is LOL.

Went over to my mom’s on Sunday to celebrate my sister’s 30th.  Nick (her 4 yr old son) got all these cute little kid decorations and crowns for all of us to wear.  He wanted his mom to be a princess though, and got her a tiara, a princess wand and sash to wear lol.  It was too cute 🙂  We had an awesome lasagna dinner with white cake afterward.  Horrible on the tummy but soooo good lol.

Amanda and I on Friday night, went to see the movie, Eat Pray Love.  So good!  Loved it!  Then came back home and just had girl chat and hung out for a bit.

Nick, Amanda and I were going to go to the beach today.  I haven’t been to this one since…. omg lol probably 7-8 yrs!  Time flies holy!  But there’s no way I’m going today lol.  It’s too damn hot out and I’d probably croak in the heat there.  I would like to go before the season is over though, it’s a great place 🙂  and fun in the water too bc it’s all sand under the water so you can walk really far out in certain spots and the water is only to your knees hehe.  Hence why it’s called the Sandbanks 😉

I’m also supposed to go with them to my dad this week… I think on Thursday, and Friday my fresh food groceries thing comes in, so hopefully my sis will run my over since my mom has a doctor’s appointment and won’t be around.  Can’t wait for food! lol.

Anyway now that I’m done rambling, I’m going to lay down for a bit then get some lunch.  Hope you’re all feeling well!  *hugs*


PS  Thanx and hi!  To all the new potsies.. sorry if I haven’t gotten to you yet!  Normally I would right away, but there were a ton of you added at once and I can’t remember who’s who! LOL

Nausea is a Bastard!

Heys 🙂

This morning and so far as of yet, it’s been raining, so I’m waiting for it to clear up to go for my walk 🙂

Since yesterday afternoon I’ve had constant nausea.  I hate eating when I feel like this, but I feel even worse if I don’t, so I’ve been eating mashed potatoes and rice lol.  Very good combo mixed together in a bowl!

So since my doctor’s appointments, the pain as gone down in my chest and back, but I still feel like I have a book sitting on my chest, and the horrible cough.  The new inhaler was working awesome, but now I don’t even notice I took it.  One nice thing though, I don’t get all the shakey side effects like I did from my old one.  It always made me feel really sick for about a half hour after I took it.

says "Drink, drink, drink" in the caption below the logo

This morning I was up at 6:30am to take my med.s and I get a knock on the door about 45 min.s later… I knew my social worker was coming, but not that early lol.  Ended up being a delivery guy dropping off my prize from the 5 Awesome Potsies Contest 🙂  Like I mentioned before, I picked the water bottle, and it’s really nice quality too!  Not made of plastic, and it has a good seal so my water or G2 won’t leak out everywhere.

I got a call from the sleep clinic today.  I go in Oct. 25th for my sleep study.  It’s pretty cool bc it’s right next door to my family doctor’s office lol.  I go in for 9pm, and I leave around 6am.  Excited to see how it’s done!  And, my doctor said she though I’d wait 6 months or more to hear from them, so this is cool, only a little over 2 months!

This morning I have been feeling very asthma like, and out of breath and really hot!  Checked my blood pressure, since it’s been low since going on the new Beta Blocker… and it was 159/114!  My heart rate was still normal… which I still find weird LOL  I’m not used to it yet 🙂 but it’s a nicer feeling than a heart rate of 170bpm!  I’ve been writing down when I feel really bad, the date, time, what I’m doing, blood pressure, heart rate, and my symptoms for my doctor.  So he’d know what it’s like more than when I just come in for an appointment.

I was supposed to go in this Friday for a meeting, but they called yesterday to say they were saving me the trip, and just having me come in on my first exercise day a little bit early to do it all at once.  I think I go next week… little nervous about how much they’re pushing me.  I feel good on the days I walk so far bc they’ve been chilly mornings, but bc of the weather I haven’t been able to go every day, and I’m starting to feel really rough today.  I’ve been excited about doing the physical therapy with them, but wonder how well my body is going to handle it!

My X-Rays should be at my doctor’s by now, but she is on holidays, so I’ll wait to see next week, and call and see if I can pick up the tilt table test papers.

I finished Silence of the Lambs finally!  My mom has the movie on VHS so I borrowed it to watch… went to watch it today and the stupid tape is all wound up twisted inside so I can’t get it open to fix it!  Will have to watch it online then! 🙂 I’m now reading, since I couldn’t remember before to tell yas, “My Name is Memory”  by Ann Brashares or something like that lol.  I don’t feel like getting the book to double check :-p

My poor Zeus has been hacking the last few days.  I thought it was probably a hair ball, since it tis the season for shedding more, even though I brush him, then yesterday he puked twice, and was hacking again in bed last night!  He seems fine, and it could easily be the heat, something he ate, etc.  I just hope it’s nothing scary bc I couldn’t bear to lose him.  I just lost his brother, two years next week.  A while ago I know, but it still breaks my heart bc he was like a little kitten to me, and Zeus and I are so close, and he’s such a great pet to have especially when I’m sick, I couldn’t even deal is anything happened to him.

Anyway, it’s not even noon, and I feel like death lol.  I’m going to go back to the couch and finish watching Fight Club and try to take my mind off my breathing and nausea.  Hope you’re all doing well!  *Big HUGS*


I Miss Exercising!

I realized now that I’ve begun again just how much I miss working out!  There’s so many good benefits to it, and I feel great from it.  My first day I wasn’t doing to well, and the humidity was horrible.

I’m supposed to walk 30 minutes every day if I can.  That seems like it’s going to be a challenge for me bc I’ve been barely able to get a drink most days, but I said I’d give it a go, and at least try to go for a walk every day even if it only ended being 10 minutes.

With the weather the first day, I decided to go swimming instead.  My hips were so sore afterward LOL but I had a lot of fun.  Amanda, Nick and I went, and I got to meet Nick’s swimming instructor.  I went back to mom’s with them, and we had Lauren and Emma (Nick’s friends who live next door) come over for dinner.  Me and Lauren were having burping contests lol.  I sat out and visited with Kelly (their ma) after, which was nice bc I hadn’t seen her in a while.

I got my med.s that day and I couldn’t find my pill cutter.   I tore the apartment apart looking for it, and the stupid thing ended up being under the couch.  I did move it out once but obviously not far enough!  I got to start my new Beta Blocker, Bisoprolol.  I’m on a very low dose and didn’t have any side effects… though I don’t think I did with any of them until later on when they started to make me sick (about a month or two into them) but I don’t feel anything at all!  With the other two, I noticed, even if very little, some difference in how I felt, but two days in, nothing yet.  It is calming my heart rate a little, but all my symptoms are still here, like blood pooling in the legs, shakes, dizziness, etc.  but we’ll see 🙂

I also started another med. that I found out can give you seizers and everything else!  I know from being on med.s from crohn’s that there seems to be some scary complications with just about any medicine, but the ones on this one is unreal, and they’re supposedly just for the regular common symptoms!  Lol here’s hoping!  So far no problems though.  I started them last night.  At first I wondered why she wouldn’t give me a cream for the infections first, but my immune system is crap since going on immune suppressant drugs from crohn’s.  So I’ll be on these pills ten days.

My Love Bug

Yesterday I felt well enough to go for a walk but it was storming all day!  Just my luck huh lol, so I cleaned the apartment up as much as my energy would let me and just rested.  This morning finally!  I was able to go for a walk.  I was back home by 7:10 am lol.  I woke up around 5am this morning.  I was able to do the whole 30 minutes too.  I actually didn’t feel that bad until I got in the apartment building and the change in temp.s almost swan dived me into my apartment door lol.  Good thing I started blasting the fans before I left.  I feel fine now, just really tired!  It’s a good thing I went when I did bc it’s supposed to be really humid in the later morning, and then thunder storms until tomorrow.

I have step counter my physio therapist wanted me to use, but it’s been soooo long since I bothered to use it I couldn’t figure out how to reset it, until on my walk I thought of a way that might work lol.  So I’ll start using it tomorrow for my walk then.

Today I have mad amount of phone calls to make.  First to call the physio place and change the meeting, then the bank bc they took money out of my account even though the payment’s not due until the 24th, and now I won’t be able to afford my payment lol.  Bastards!  They stress me out so much!  Then I’ll call my dietitian and tell her I’m not seeing her anymore bc my blood work was fine, and there’s a nutritionist at the physio place, and then my social worker and my dad to tell him about the loan *cringes* … and I think that’s it.

My mom’s coming by later to take me to the library.  Still reading, Silence of the Lambs, but almost done.  It’s so less gruesome seeming than the movie.  I really like it.  Honestly can’t remember what book is in at the library though lol.  You can order them online, and just go pick them up when they come in which is awesome so you don’t have to go searching all over for it (HUGE building).  I like it there, but my mom hates waiting around, so this works better.  If a book is on order, or popular and a lot of people have ordered to read it, it can be months before you get it, which is the case with this book, which is why I can’t remember bc I had a few I was waiting a long time for.

Anyway, feeling well enough to jump in the shower now, so I’m going to skip out.   Hope you all are doing well! *hugs*



I didn’t sleep last night… at all… and I don’t know how I’m not dead right now lol.  I fell asleep on the ride home laying with a seat belt buckle jabbed in my back…  and I didn’t care 😉

"Where were you all day????"

Today was seriously my best appointment yet… not that, that’s really saying much lol but it went so well I could have cried I was so happy!

We get at the hospital for 11:30am and I go in with a nurse and she asks me all these questions about my health and medications.  I had to bring them all with me and I could barely fit anything else in my purse lol.  They wanted vitamins, antacids, birth control… every little thing.  She told me I was 5′”5 which is a crock I’m 5″7, bc my sis is 5″5 and I’m taller than her lol.  Got the heart rate and blood pressure stuff done.

Then I got to see a Cardiologist.  And I thought he was just going to be there as a consult to the physio therapist, but he actually sat down with me longer than any of the others had, and said it was silly I was being made to wait to be treated and that he was going to take over my case himself since he has worked with tons of potsies, and I’d see him only for a Cardiologist (before it was whoever was on that day).  He even is putting me on a new drug!!!  I can’t say the name until later bc I don’t have the prescription, my mom does.  He told me, he was going to do anything and everything to make sure that I was as stable as I possibly ever can be.  We were conversing about meds and he thought it was funny I knew them all and what they did, etc.  and treated me with respect, and knew what he was talking about.  Not like I was a dumb ass like most doctors do.

"I can't believe you left me alone!!!!"

Afterward, I met my physio therapist… can’t remember anyone’s name but my Cardiologist, and that’s only bc he gave me his card LOL.  She was so sweet, she had me up doing balance things, and making me touch my toes, etc. and we both got laughing.  I got an exercise booklet, and she wants me to try to walk 30 minutes a day, but only if I’m well enough.  She’s worked with 2 other pots patients, but they didn’t bother to finish the program, but she is really sweet about trusting that some days I just won’t be able to do it.  The only thing that worries me, is am I going to still be able to keep my place clean, etc. since that seems to take all my energy as it is, and that’s with Marlene’s help! (My PSW)  But she seems totally cool.  They’re all going to have a meeting about what will be best for me in the program.

I got to look around the place and saw they have rowing machines! Lol, I’ve been very excited and hoping they’d have one bc you’re sitting, and if you faint you just sort of flop over LOL.  But mostly bc I love it 🙂 I wish I could afford to have one at home!

"Ohhh I know you want to snuggle!"

We were there (it’s almost 2 hour drive from us) almost all day by the time I saw everyone, but I was still able to go to the lab when we got back in Belleville, and got my X-Rays for my family doctor.  I was hoping to get them in today so I wouldn’t have to wait as long, especially when she goes on holidays next week.

My mom is going to pick up my prescriptions tomorrow, which is cool with me.  I was so wiped I just wanted to go home and relax with my Zeus.

Anyway, I have to go back for a meeting to see what all everyone decided for me treatment wise.  They booked it for next Friday, but I have to change it for my mom when she has an appointment, and then they will look at how I’ve been doing with the walking.  You can come in for the program twice a week, but that would be way too expensive gas wise, so they’re going to work it out so I can come in for 2 sessions in one week where they will show me what I can do at home.  Then I only have to come once a month for a check up to see where  I’m at.  And every time I come in, I will see my Cardiologist too for a check up 🙂

"Okay, I'm done with you now... nap time!"

One odd thing, all my charts said I have fibro…. and no one told me.  Waaaay back when I was in a lot of pain during a crohn’s relapse, and they thought I might have the beginning stages of it, but nothing ever came of it.  No testing nothing, just me listing my symptoms and them jabbing the pressure points lol.  So they physio therapist is just going to treat me as though I am since it won’t make much difference anyway to what we both wanted me to do.

Anyway, I am totally crazy tired.  I have only had a handful of timbits to eat all day, so I’m going to have some dinner and then crash.  Thanx for all the well wishes and good lucks 🙂 As tiring as it was, it turned out great, and I feel like I’m given the chance to fight for a quality of life that may not be as it was, but better than this, and not so hopeless like before!

Mwah!  *Big Hugs*


Family Doctor Appointment

Wow I’m wiped… was just dancing to the Oral B commercial with Zeus.  Now he’s in the tub screaming (that’s where he goes when he is cranky) bc I kept touching the tip of his tail and making a loud WHEEP noise really high pitched LMAO.  I don’t think he was impressed by it hahaha.

So the chest pains are back as well as horrible back pains in the muscle it feels like.  I went to the doctors tonight.  I came at 10:45 am and apparently my appointment was yesterday even though my appointment card was written for today lol.  So they made room for me to come in at 4:45pm… I didn’t get in until after 6:30pm lol.

But she was awesome.  She’s getting my old doctor to give her my tilt table results bc he hadn’t sent my old file grrrr lol and got my referral to the sleep clinic.  It may take six months, but that’s fine… I’ve already gone 27 yrs!  She also checked my heart and blood pressure.. it was low big surprise, and said my chest was still raspy sounding.  So she gave me a stronger preventative inhaler and a form to go get an x-ray.

My blood work for diabetes and hypoglycemia came back perfectly fine and so did the results from my stress test.  Which is great, but then what is it?  Something happens where my legs turn to JELLO and I start losing my footing.  I don’t think I’m going to pass out, but be sick.  All normal pots stuff right?  So when it happened the last time I stayed standing and checked my heart rate and blood pressure and it was perfectly normal!

Tomorrow I see my Cardiologist and the physio therapist to make a plan for my physical therapy there, and I’m hoping to get the tilt table test papers from him.  And find out what pots I have.. if even knows lol and to beg for meds! LOL  I’m sick of him just giving up on me!  And obviously mention the chest pain to him too.  Hopefully on the way home I’ll have time to get my X-Ray done.

Alright, will write more then, just wanted to write while this appointment was still fresh.  Off to watch Big Bro & then Monster Quest about vampires mwhahahaha lol my scary laugh… more like a stoner giggle sadly though LOL.

Laters! Mwah!


PS Someone looked up “how to get rid of my step mom” and found my blog  probably bc I mentioned mine a few entries ago.  I think there must be a better way…like lose a glass slipper and have some prince on a white horse steal her away LOL…. unless it’s a guy… but hey! No judgment here! 😉  Bye!