Chest Pain Gone! Kinda…

my fake flowers from the dollar store lol

Well… kinda lol.  Enough that I can just ignore it.  I’ve had it for about 3 days now I think.  The longest ever.  Usually it’s just for moments… no more than an hour.  So if it’s still around tomorrow I’m going to the ER just to be safe.  My heart rate and blood pressure are normal so I’m not worried of anything scary, and figure it’s just muscle strain, but just in case I’d rather be safe than sorry.

I got my groceries mmm which I love bc now I have meat!  Well.. three pieces of it LOL.  And I have more lunch and breakfast foods and lots of G2 by Gatorade.  I think lugging all that and more including an 18kg bag of cat littler did my chest and back muscles in.

Today my mom brought me over to Zellers and I picked up some Advil.  I have Tylenol here, but I wanted something that would do more than just mask the pain.  I also got a new bathing suit and a recipe card box 🙂 I remember growing up and my mom had a recipe box and I always wanted one.  When I got older I didn’t really have any use for one until I started on more casseroles and things I’d obviously forget, so I saw one on today for $7 and got it lol.  I have TONS of recipes to add.

new swim suit

My mom was so sweet.  She knows how badly doing laundry bothers me, and how I’ve fainted in the hallway between the laundry room and my apartment (where my neighbor woke me up lol) so she took a garbage bag and a laundry basket right full of stuff I needed to get cleaned.  Such a huge help with the pain too.

The weather here has been beautiful!  I love it, and actually am not sweating like a crazy person lol.  Usually anyway hehe.

This Thurs. my counselor is taking me to my family doctors appointment where I’m going to get my blood sugar, etc. test results, my stress test results, and am going to ask about the referral to the sleep clinic, to get Zofran for nausea, and to get the papers from when I had my tilt table test so I can check the numbers myself since the cardiologist had no idea what they were LOL.

Then Friday, I meet with the physical therapist and the cardiologist about my rehabilitation program that I’m going to be going into, and discussing what exercises will be safe, but still beneficial to me.  And like I mentioned, with the new bathing suit, my mom, sis, nick and I are going to the place where Nick’s swimming lessons are, and we’re going to start swimming once a week at least.  The YMCA charges $10 an adult to swim there for one hour!  At this place we’re going to go to it’s only $2!!!  That I can definitely swing!  I’m so excited 🙂  I wish I was a stronger swimmer though, but it’ll be great to do my little swim drop swim drop that I do LOL.  I somehow swim faster and can stay up longer when I’m swimming on my back.

Zeus laying down checking the new bathing suit out and claiming it as his lol

Cleaning is going to be so much easier now.  I got a swifter cleaner so all I have to do is change the wipe instead of dragging the bucket of water around and wearing myself out.  It may seem silly, but it’s a chore that until now has been completely undoable.  I also got a swifter duster to make doing my shelves and stuff doable as well… dusting kills me for some reason.  I think it’s all the bending up and down.  So tomorrow if I don’t go to the ER, I’m going to clean LOL.

Alright, if everything turns out good tomorrow, I won’t bother writing again until the weekend after my appointments.  Hope you all are doing better! *Big hugs* And have a great long weekend 🙂

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