Family Doctor Appointment

Wow I’m wiped… was just dancing to the Oral B commercial with Zeus.  Now he’s in the tub screaming (that’s where he goes when he is cranky) bc I kept touching the tip of his tail and making a loud WHEEP noise really high pitched LMAO.  I don’t think he was impressed by it hahaha.

So the chest pains are back as well as horrible back pains in the muscle it feels like.  I went to the doctors tonight.  I came at 10:45 am and apparently my appointment was yesterday even though my appointment card was written for today lol.  So they made room for me to come in at 4:45pm… I didn’t get in until after 6:30pm lol.

But she was awesome.  She’s getting my old doctor to give her my tilt table results bc he hadn’t sent my old file grrrr lol and got my referral to the sleep clinic.  It may take six months, but that’s fine… I’ve already gone 27 yrs!  She also checked my heart and blood pressure.. it was low big surprise, and said my chest was still raspy sounding.  So she gave me a stronger preventative inhaler and a form to go get an x-ray.

My blood work for diabetes and hypoglycemia came back perfectly fine and so did the results from my stress test.  Which is great, but then what is it?  Something happens where my legs turn to JELLO and I start losing my footing.  I don’t think I’m going to pass out, but be sick.  All normal pots stuff right?  So when it happened the last time I stayed standing and checked my heart rate and blood pressure and it was perfectly normal!

Tomorrow I see my Cardiologist and the physio therapist to make a plan for my physical therapy there, and I’m hoping to get the tilt table test papers from him.  And find out what pots I have.. if even knows lol and to beg for meds! LOL  I’m sick of him just giving up on me!  And obviously mention the chest pain to him too.  Hopefully on the way home I’ll have time to get my X-Ray done.

Alright, will write more then, just wanted to write while this appointment was still fresh.  Off to watch Big Bro & then Monster Quest about vampires mwhahahaha lol my scary laugh… more like a stoner giggle sadly though LOL.

Laters! Mwah!


PS Someone looked up “how to get rid of my step mom” and found my blog  probably bc I mentioned mine a few entries ago.  I think there must be a better way…like lose a glass slipper and have some prince on a white horse steal her away LOL…. unless it’s a guy… but hey! No judgment here! 😉  Bye!


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