I didn’t sleep last night… at all… and I don’t know how I’m not dead right now lol.  I fell asleep on the ride home laying with a seat belt buckle jabbed in my back…  and I didn’t care 😉

"Where were you all day????"

Today was seriously my best appointment yet… not that, that’s really saying much lol but it went so well I could have cried I was so happy!

We get at the hospital for 11:30am and I go in with a nurse and she asks me all these questions about my health and medications.  I had to bring them all with me and I could barely fit anything else in my purse lol.  They wanted vitamins, antacids, birth control… every little thing.  She told me I was 5′”5 which is a crock I’m 5″7, bc my sis is 5″5 and I’m taller than her lol.  Got the heart rate and blood pressure stuff done.

Then I got to see a Cardiologist.  And I thought he was just going to be there as a consult to the physio therapist, but he actually sat down with me longer than any of the others had, and said it was silly I was being made to wait to be treated and that he was going to take over my case himself since he has worked with tons of potsies, and I’d see him only for a Cardiologist (before it was whoever was on that day).  He even is putting me on a new drug!!!  I can’t say the name until later bc I don’t have the prescription, my mom does.  He told me, he was going to do anything and everything to make sure that I was as stable as I possibly ever can be.  We were conversing about meds and he thought it was funny I knew them all and what they did, etc.  and treated me with respect, and knew what he was talking about.  Not like I was a dumb ass like most doctors do.

"I can't believe you left me alone!!!!"

Afterward, I met my physio therapist… can’t remember anyone’s name but my Cardiologist, and that’s only bc he gave me his card LOL.  She was so sweet, she had me up doing balance things, and making me touch my toes, etc. and we both got laughing.  I got an exercise booklet, and she wants me to try to walk 30 minutes a day, but only if I’m well enough.  She’s worked with 2 other pots patients, but they didn’t bother to finish the program, but she is really sweet about trusting that some days I just won’t be able to do it.  The only thing that worries me, is am I going to still be able to keep my place clean, etc. since that seems to take all my energy as it is, and that’s with Marlene’s help! (My PSW)  But she seems totally cool.  They’re all going to have a meeting about what will be best for me in the program.

I got to look around the place and saw they have rowing machines! Lol, I’ve been very excited and hoping they’d have one bc you’re sitting, and if you faint you just sort of flop over LOL.  But mostly bc I love it 🙂 I wish I could afford to have one at home!

"Ohhh I know you want to snuggle!"

We were there (it’s almost 2 hour drive from us) almost all day by the time I saw everyone, but I was still able to go to the lab when we got back in Belleville, and got my X-Rays for my family doctor.  I was hoping to get them in today so I wouldn’t have to wait as long, especially when she goes on holidays next week.

My mom is going to pick up my prescriptions tomorrow, which is cool with me.  I was so wiped I just wanted to go home and relax with my Zeus.

Anyway, I have to go back for a meeting to see what all everyone decided for me treatment wise.  They booked it for next Friday, but I have to change it for my mom when she has an appointment, and then they will look at how I’ve been doing with the walking.  You can come in for the program twice a week, but that would be way too expensive gas wise, so they’re going to work it out so I can come in for 2 sessions in one week where they will show me what I can do at home.  Then I only have to come once a month for a check up to see where  I’m at.  And every time I come in, I will see my Cardiologist too for a check up 🙂

"Okay, I'm done with you now... nap time!"

One odd thing, all my charts said I have fibro…. and no one told me.  Waaaay back when I was in a lot of pain during a crohn’s relapse, and they thought I might have the beginning stages of it, but nothing ever came of it.  No testing nothing, just me listing my symptoms and them jabbing the pressure points lol.  So they physio therapist is just going to treat me as though I am since it won’t make much difference anyway to what we both wanted me to do.

Anyway, I am totally crazy tired.  I have only had a handful of timbits to eat all day, so I’m going to have some dinner and then crash.  Thanx for all the well wishes and good lucks 🙂 As tiring as it was, it turned out great, and I feel like I’m given the chance to fight for a quality of life that may not be as it was, but better than this, and not so hopeless like before!

Mwah!  *Big Hugs*


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