I Miss Exercising!

I realized now that I’ve begun again just how much I miss working out!  There’s so many good benefits to it, and I feel great from it.  My first day I wasn’t doing to well, and the humidity was horrible.

I’m supposed to walk 30 minutes every day if I can.  That seems like it’s going to be a challenge for me bc I’ve been barely able to get a drink most days, but I said I’d give it a go, and at least try to go for a walk every day even if it only ended being 10 minutes.

With the weather the first day, I decided to go swimming instead.  My hips were so sore afterward LOL but I had a lot of fun.  Amanda, Nick and I went, and I got to meet Nick’s swimming instructor.  I went back to mom’s with them, and we had Lauren and Emma (Nick’s friends who live next door) come over for dinner.  Me and Lauren were having burping contests lol.  I sat out and visited with Kelly (their ma) after, which was nice bc I hadn’t seen her in a while.

I got my med.s that day and I couldn’t find my pill cutter.   I tore the apartment apart looking for it, and the stupid thing ended up being under the couch.  I did move it out once but obviously not far enough!  I got to start my new Beta Blocker, Bisoprolol.  I’m on a very low dose and didn’t have any side effects… though I don’t think I did with any of them until later on when they started to make me sick (about a month or two into them) but I don’t feel anything at all!  With the other two, I noticed, even if very little, some difference in how I felt, but two days in, nothing yet.  It is calming my heart rate a little, but all my symptoms are still here, like blood pooling in the legs, shakes, dizziness, etc.  but we’ll see 🙂

I also started another med. that I found out can give you seizers and everything else!  I know from being on med.s from crohn’s that there seems to be some scary complications with just about any medicine, but the ones on this one is unreal, and they’re supposedly just for the regular common symptoms!  Lol here’s hoping!  So far no problems though.  I started them last night.  At first I wondered why she wouldn’t give me a cream for the infections first, but my immune system is crap since going on immune suppressant drugs from crohn’s.  So I’ll be on these pills ten days.

My Love Bug

Yesterday I felt well enough to go for a walk but it was storming all day!  Just my luck huh lol, so I cleaned the apartment up as much as my energy would let me and just rested.  This morning finally!  I was able to go for a walk.  I was back home by 7:10 am lol.  I woke up around 5am this morning.  I was able to do the whole 30 minutes too.  I actually didn’t feel that bad until I got in the apartment building and the change in temp.s almost swan dived me into my apartment door lol.  Good thing I started blasting the fans before I left.  I feel fine now, just really tired!  It’s a good thing I went when I did bc it’s supposed to be really humid in the later morning, and then thunder storms until tomorrow.

I have step counter my physio therapist wanted me to use, but it’s been soooo long since I bothered to use it I couldn’t figure out how to reset it, until on my walk I thought of a way that might work lol.  So I’ll start using it tomorrow for my walk then.

Today I have mad amount of phone calls to make.  First to call the physio place and change the meeting, then the bank bc they took money out of my account even though the payment’s not due until the 24th, and now I won’t be able to afford my payment lol.  Bastards!  They stress me out so much!  Then I’ll call my dietitian and tell her I’m not seeing her anymore bc my blood work was fine, and there’s a nutritionist at the physio place, and then my social worker and my dad to tell him about the loan *cringes* … and I think that’s it.

My mom’s coming by later to take me to the library.  Still reading, Silence of the Lambs, but almost done.  It’s so less gruesome seeming than the movie.  I really like it.  Honestly can’t remember what book is in at the library though lol.  You can order them online, and just go pick them up when they come in which is awesome so you don’t have to go searching all over for it (HUGE building).  I like it there, but my mom hates waiting around, so this works better.  If a book is on order, or popular and a lot of people have ordered to read it, it can be months before you get it, which is the case with this book, which is why I can’t remember bc I had a few I was waiting a long time for.

Anyway, feeling well enough to jump in the shower now, so I’m going to skip out.   Hope you all are doing well! *hugs*



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