Nausea is a Bastard!

Heys 🙂

This morning and so far as of yet, it’s been raining, so I’m waiting for it to clear up to go for my walk 🙂

Since yesterday afternoon I’ve had constant nausea.  I hate eating when I feel like this, but I feel even worse if I don’t, so I’ve been eating mashed potatoes and rice lol.  Very good combo mixed together in a bowl!

So since my doctor’s appointments, the pain as gone down in my chest and back, but I still feel like I have a book sitting on my chest, and the horrible cough.  The new inhaler was working awesome, but now I don’t even notice I took it.  One nice thing though, I don’t get all the shakey side effects like I did from my old one.  It always made me feel really sick for about a half hour after I took it.

says "Drink, drink, drink" in the caption below the logo

This morning I was up at 6:30am to take my med.s and I get a knock on the door about 45 min.s later… I knew my social worker was coming, but not that early lol.  Ended up being a delivery guy dropping off my prize from the 5 Awesome Potsies Contest 🙂  Like I mentioned before, I picked the water bottle, and it’s really nice quality too!  Not made of plastic, and it has a good seal so my water or G2 won’t leak out everywhere.

I got a call from the sleep clinic today.  I go in Oct. 25th for my sleep study.  It’s pretty cool bc it’s right next door to my family doctor’s office lol.  I go in for 9pm, and I leave around 6am.  Excited to see how it’s done!  And, my doctor said she though I’d wait 6 months or more to hear from them, so this is cool, only a little over 2 months!

This morning I have been feeling very asthma like, and out of breath and really hot!  Checked my blood pressure, since it’s been low since going on the new Beta Blocker… and it was 159/114!  My heart rate was still normal… which I still find weird LOL  I’m not used to it yet 🙂 but it’s a nicer feeling than a heart rate of 170bpm!  I’ve been writing down when I feel really bad, the date, time, what I’m doing, blood pressure, heart rate, and my symptoms for my doctor.  So he’d know what it’s like more than when I just come in for an appointment.

I was supposed to go in this Friday for a meeting, but they called yesterday to say they were saving me the trip, and just having me come in on my first exercise day a little bit early to do it all at once.  I think I go next week… little nervous about how much they’re pushing me.  I feel good on the days I walk so far bc they’ve been chilly mornings, but bc of the weather I haven’t been able to go every day, and I’m starting to feel really rough today.  I’ve been excited about doing the physical therapy with them, but wonder how well my body is going to handle it!

My X-Rays should be at my doctor’s by now, but she is on holidays, so I’ll wait to see next week, and call and see if I can pick up the tilt table test papers.

I finished Silence of the Lambs finally!  My mom has the movie on VHS so I borrowed it to watch… went to watch it today and the stupid tape is all wound up twisted inside so I can’t get it open to fix it!  Will have to watch it online then! 🙂 I’m now reading, since I couldn’t remember before to tell yas, “My Name is Memory”  by Ann Brashares or something like that lol.  I don’t feel like getting the book to double check :-p

My poor Zeus has been hacking the last few days.  I thought it was probably a hair ball, since it tis the season for shedding more, even though I brush him, then yesterday he puked twice, and was hacking again in bed last night!  He seems fine, and it could easily be the heat, something he ate, etc.  I just hope it’s nothing scary bc I couldn’t bear to lose him.  I just lost his brother, two years next week.  A while ago I know, but it still breaks my heart bc he was like a little kitten to me, and Zeus and I are so close, and he’s such a great pet to have especially when I’m sick, I couldn’t even deal is anything happened to him.

Anyway, it’s not even noon, and I feel like death lol.  I’m going to go back to the couch and finish watching Fight Club and try to take my mind off my breathing and nausea.  Hope you’re all doing well!  *Big HUGS*



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