It’s Almost Fall!!!

I’m so happy August has gone by so quickly!!!!  Cold weather is coming soon!

Well, I was planning on going to go to physical therapy on Thursday.  I felt achy Tuesday night, but by Wednesday evening I was starting to feel better and not so sick to my stomach… and then I went to bed lol.

He has a thing for bags and purses lol

Every time I lay down my stomach starts rolling and I get really bad nausea.  Then I’m wide awake and can’t sleep.  I get up and eat something, and feel better, but my joints hurt so badly I need to just lay my head down… and the nausea starts again lol.  Even my damn toes hurt!  Weird… my arm muscle hurt even though I worked out my legs, but that pain was gone almost right away.   Since the first day or so it’s been in my wrists, fingers, ankles, toes, stomach, head, neck (pulled a muscle sleeping).  I haven’t been able to leave the house except to go to my mom’s and lay on her couch lol.

I called my Cardiologist and he wants me to get in there right away since each day it just keeps getting worst, so I am going in at 8:45am on Monday!  I couldn’t believe I got in that fast!  Awesome 🙂  I’m going to call the physical therapist too and just ask her what I can do from home, bc I’m not putting myself through this crap again next week.  I really like being able to work out at a gym again too, but oh well 🙂

When I was at the last physical therapy class, they gave us a bunch of papers to take home, and I was looking over them a few days ago and noticed my cholesterol was high… so when my counselor was over visiting yesterday, (she is a nurse as well) I had her look at the numbers to get her opinion.  She told me to call my family doctor asap and get in there and show it to her.  Kind of worried me to be honest, bc some of the numbers were double what they consider normal, and none of the doctors had mentioned it to me.  I know my heart is healthy, but of course I want to keep it that way!  So I called, but I can’t get in until Sept. 14th, which is fine, I’ll just bring the paperwork with me to the Cardiologist on Monday.

I went on Kim’s Hyper POTS group (website in the side bar) but only a couple people responded, so I don’t know if it’s POTS related or not.  I could see it.  My dad has been a big help, since he has high cholesterol too, and made me feel a bit more calm about it.  I wonder if it’s hereditary?  Anyone know?

I was hoping to be able to fix it through diet, since I’m having a horrible time with exercising, but I don’t really eat anything with high cholesterol except cheese.  I am going to try to find the lighter fatty versions of the odd things I do eat, and stick to eating whole grains instead of white breads and rice, and switch from 1% milk to skim… I only drink it in my coffee though, but whatever lol.  Any little thing will help 🙂  My dad got put on Lipitor (sp?) and now he can’t go off it!  Don’t know if that’s what it’s like with all cholesterol medicines, Lipitor itself, or just his case in general.  But when he changed his diet, and kept up with the exercise, he wanted to go off it to see if he could manage it himself, and his doctors said no, he’d never be able to.   I always like my options!

So next Tues.  if I don’t go to the dietitian through the physical therapy unit, I will be going grocery shopping (so long as this sickening feeling goes away) and Zeus and I are changing our diets lol.  You must have noticed how unusually fat he is… lmao.  He’s happy, and doesn’t eat a lot, but could probably eat less and move around more.  He has to be on the food he is on due to him being vulnerable to getting crystals (almost killed him once) but obviously him being SO overweight is good either.  I think he’s gained more since me moving out from mom’s, bc he doesn’t have her kittens to play with, and his brother Bizkit passed away, so it’s just him… which he actually seems happier for bc he hates not being the dominant cat, but he’s gotten lazier.  So I’m going to get him a measuring cup for his food, and start using his laser toy with him more to get him moving.

When I go to the doctors (my GP) I’m going to ask her, and the cardiologist about something for my nausea too.  I can deal with the pain… it sucks, but I’ve been told taking pain medicine can make your POTS symptoms worse, so I’ll handle that lol, but this nausea has got to be my worst symptom, bc it knocks me right down to not being able to do much of anything.

Anyway, not much else is new.  Just been home and pukey feeling lol.  Just been a little worried about my over all health and how all of this is going to effect my in the near future.  I am willing to do all I can to get better, but it’s frustrating when doctors quite understand why it’s happening.  Hope you are all doing well and I will write more after my appointment with my Cardiologist on Monday.



3 thoughts on “It’s Almost Fall!!!

  1. Hey! That sucks about your nausea! Hopefully you can find something that helps it.
    I think I’ve heard about never being able to go off Lipitor, too. But I’m not sure why? Still, it sounds a little scary to be honest.
    And if you do go back to physio, don’t let them give you any crap with standing ex’s (like you wrote in your last post!) To me that’s unacceptable that they would not alter things for you!
    Hope you’re having a good day (or as good as possible!)



    • thank you Sarah! I thought it was weird too, and got that feeling confirmed either by other non potsies! It’s obviously not right when I felt better exercising, than I did doing the warm up LOL. I appreciate what you said 🙂 *hugs*


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