Monday’s Cardiology Appointment

It’s taken me a while to write this entry bc I still am not back to me yet, over a week later, but I can feel the nausea and pain subsiding finally!

The weather is back to horribly hot.  From what I’ve heard, it will be around 40 by the end of the week, but it feels like that now lol.  The heat is NOT making me feel any better, or any of you other potsies.

I went to the Cardiologist on Monday morning with my mom and grandma.  I fasted the night before, in case he wanted to redo my blood work over, and he did, so I should have the results by the time I see my family doctor on the 14th.

I told him what my heart rate was exercising, and what everything was that they physio therapists had me do, and he agreed that it was way too much, but also wanted me to keep at it, since exercise is so imperative to any sort of recovery with POTS.  So between him and I, we agreed that I would still walk, and only walk 20 minutes until I knew I was well enough to do more.  Not any time soon, but to build myself up as I felt well enough, to an hour a day.  But he doesn’t want my mitro valve prolapse to kick in, so to do it in 3, 20 min. sessions.  I agree, as annoying as it will be, I think that will be the smart way to do it too so I don’t pass out on my walks.

I thought my heart rate was normal, but apparently it’s still high, but since it’s not too bad, he doesn’t want to jeopardize my blood pressure any more by adding to my dose, so he’s going to keep me on the dose of Bisoprolol I am on now, and see how it goes.  I still want to get autonomic testing done though, but figure the Neurologist will be more the one to do those when I see him in March.

My Cardiologist also wants me to continue with the physical rehabilitation program, but instead of getting my heart rate up to 150bpm, only allow it to go to 120bpm.  We wear heart rate watches so we can see where we’re at as we are going.  And to also sit down at the warm up session since it’s mostly arm exercises, and then that won’t set my heart rate up as much either.  But I will still do the walking afterward as the warm down, bc my heart rate has to be at a good level before I go, and not mess up the nerves in my heart even more by just stopping without bringing it down slowly.

Sorry if this entry is kind of confusing, but I’m so out of it I can’t get my thoughts out properly lol.

I went to my mom’s on Monday and spent most the day outside with Amanda and Nick, and our neighbor and their kids.

I’ve started looking for an apartment on my own, since as with before, the counselor for it hasn’t been looking for me, but I’ve been worried and having to be really picky about where, and what kind of place I live in, bc of my health and the limitations.  My sis thought she could be a big help to me if her and nick and I got a place together, and I know realistically I should NOT be living on my own.  She worries and bc she is my sis, is willing to make sure I get meals every day, and if I couldn’t clean, she wouldn’t care, bc she knows what it’s like to be sick, and she knows a lot about my illness, so she wouldn’t judge like any normal roommate would.  My sis is probably the person I’m closest with, and I adore Nick and wouldn’t mind living with them, but I’m so independent I want to live on my own.  I love the idea of having my own place and being able to do it on my own.  I’m thinking about it, but I know I’ll probably whined up on my own whether I should or not.

I was going to go to exercise yesterday at the hospital, bc he only wanted me in once a week instead of twice, and also I had to get the list of exercises for me to do at home, since I’m doing most of it long distance, but I was so sick I barely left the couch all day.  I forced myself to go to the store with my mom, and I was so sick to my stomach, that I had to sleep after I got back.  Then found out later, that I can’t go Thursday now bc my mom has her doctor’s appointment in another town.  I’ve been trying to call them at the heart center but the hospital’s number won’t pick up for some reason for me to put in the extension.  It just keeps ringing, it’s weird.  My sis has been calling too to make an appointment with our Crohn’s Disease specialists G. I.’s but she can’t get through either.  I’m thinking of asking them if I can just start with the next program then since I’m missing so much.

My sis noticed a big lump inside my mom’s dog, Winnie’s mouth.  I looked at it the last time I was there, and it’s not broken, scratched, or open.  It looks completely fine, which is weird to me.  My mom called the vet, and they are pretty sure she has cancer 😦  She is so old, and it isn’t bothering her at all when she eats or drinks, so the vet said it wouldn’t be worth putting her through the surgery and to just let her be comfortable.  I felt so bad for my mom bc she is so close with her, and has been such a blessing for my mom, but I agreed with her decision.  My mom got her when she moved out after my parent’s split up, and since been with her through work, and stress and health problems, so she’ll be lost without Winnie.  Thankfully she still has the kittens to be with her 😦  She came in yesterday, she picked Zeus up (and trust me it’s not easy to do at his size lol) and they snuggled together, it was cute.  I’m glad he likes her so much, bc he doesn’t let anyone but her and me pick him up.  Animals know when we need love though, they seem to sense when something is wrong.  When I was in bed or the couch all last week, he’d sit there and cuddle with me and take my mind off of how crappy I felt.

My mom was a sweety yesterday.  She knew I couldn’t go to the rehab clinic, so she took my grocery list, and picked up what I needed to get bc my place was almost as empty as it was when I first moved here lol.  I’m so glad to have snack food, and G2 and Gatorade drinks here.  They help soooo much!

I went through with my mom, and with looking on websites at all my food to see what I could get with little to no cholesterol in it… and almost everything I eat has ZERO cholesterol in it!!!  I mean, it’s a relief bc I hate putting my Crohn’s through the grief of diet changes when it is finally getting settled after my last food change, but what do I do then? Lol.  My great friend Julie said it is definitely inherited through other members of her family, and since my dad has it… I’d say that’s got to be the only possible way I could have it!  Damn DNA!!! LOL.  But the cardiologist didn’t put me on any med.s for it.  If the results are in by the time I see my GP, then she will probably decide then what should be done.

I finished reading L A Candy, but Lauren Conrad, only to find that the damn book is missing the last few pages!!!  The library JUST got it a few months ago, and someone ripped out the very ending!  So I don’t know what happens! BOOO!  It wasn’t that great of a book, but if you read over 300 pages, you like to know how it ends at least lol.

I’m not reading another Charlaine Harris novel, Shakespeare’s Counselor.  She’s been my fave. author for years now, so I know I’ll like it.  I haven’t read one by her yet, that I haven’t.  Which reminds me since she writes the books the show True Blood is based off, I need to catch up on the last few episodes.  I’ve been in too much pain to sit in my comp. chair to watch them, and I don’t get the station it comes on, so I need to force myself to see em finally!

Today I went over and dropped off the payment for my food box of veggies, fruit, bread, etc. for mid way through the month.  I LOVE getting fresh stuff bc that’s right around when my normal groceries start to wane.

Alright, gonna head out and pester my Zeus for some loving 🙂



2 thoughts on “Monday’s Cardiology Appointment

  1. tearing the last pages out of a book, !!!! terrible. hope the exercise increases your ability to tolerate doing things around the house. i know when i was pre potsie but still with symptoms exercise always made me feel better. at the moment though i couldnt manage a thing.

    sad news about your mums dog, pets get you that way, fluffy little balls of joy break your heart at times. xxxx


    • I know mean ppl who steal book pages lol. And I agree with the exercising, but like you it seems impossible right now! I’m not going to push myself, and just make sure on the days I feel well enough to try to do what I can. I think we’ll all feel better when the heat wave is over lol. And yeah, the balls of fur definitely capture your heart 🙂 Hope you’re doing well hun! *big hugs*


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