Internet Blew My Last Post Out of the Water!

Mom on the floor cuddling with Zeus lol

Yup.. had the whole damn thing written and went to add a picture and BAM!  Internet went out and lost everything I had wrote lol.  I’m loving this cold weather though!  I always feel so much better in the colder months!  I woke up this morning FREEZING and I was smiling away! LOL.  I’m hoping now that it’s here, it’s here to stay and maybe I will get over this set back I’ve been having!

When I spoke with my Cardiologist, and he mentioned I had Mitro Valve Prolapse, he said that was why I was fainting, that my heart was working too hard.  I decided to be dumb and look it up online.   I had heard of it a million times, but didn’t know the specifics.  I found out that if you have the type that causes you to faint, you life expectancy is decreased by 15%.  Kind of sad to see, so that got me wondering if he was just supposing I had it based of the symptoms I gave him, or if he actually noticed it in my EKG or whatever it is they check to diagnose it.

My mom and sister came by today and I went to their house for the day.  I laid down on the bed and read my book resting while my mom and her dog Winnie snored their faces off lol.  It was too cute.

I go to my GP in ten days to get my results for cholesterol test, and I hope if it is the same and high, that she gives me something for it then.  I hate taking one more pill, but would like to get it under control too 🙂

My depression has been rearing it’s ugly head.  I think it’s just all the new tests and diagnosis’s, but it’s hard to handle after a while.  I want to know what’s going on, but I guess with me feeling so horrible lately, that it’s just all hitting me kind of hard.  Just the normal grieving crap feeling that comes with POTS.

So when I was diagnosed with depression way back when, I was technically diagnosed with Severe Resistant Depression bc I have a resistance to all medications, especially any effecting the nerves.  The Cardiologist mentioned my heart was still high but not too bad, but I’ve noticed the last few days my heart rate is getting really high like it used to.  I doubt he’d up the Bisoprolol, or if so not too much bc it can make your POTS worse the higher the dosage.  I’m hoping it’s just a momentary thing bc when I sit it is around 90bpm.  It was just annoying bc for instance, today, I walked out from my living room to the hallway outside my apartment, and my heart rate was 156bpm.

Anyway, sorry to rant, just needed to get this all out.  I’m going to go play my Sudoku book and finish watching Scream 2… cheesy I know, but it is the best thing on right now… which doesn’t say much for the rest LOL.  I love these movies though 🙂 30 Days of Night is on…  but I’m not watching it at 2am alone lol.  I love horror movies and very few really scare except that movie and the Exorcist!  Even though they’re both great 🙂  Just not cool to watch alone lol.

Talk to you laters!


PS Cheers to the fighters for Midorine 🙂


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