Sleep Clinic

I don’t normally start my posts off with searches people make, bc generally they are pretty much what I put in my posts, so they usually make sense.  But there was a  good one yesterday:

“Is Ash throwing grains of rice outside of the house?”  –  um no… no I wasn’t.  Isn’t that illegal here now?  Poor pooping pigeons!

I hope you all got to see the Season 2 Premier of Doctor Oz yesterday, if not I posted a few of the really interesting bits below.  Doctor Oz, bc he turned 50 in June, decided to be smart and have his first Colonscopy.  He took the cameras with him so you got to see the preparation the night before, and then during the test.  I was laughing at him drinking the prep. for the scope bc they are SO AWFUL lol.  But it was scary bc they did find a pullip inside him that could have turned cancerous if he hadn’t gotten it checked and removed.  So many deaths can be saved by having an annual check up, and people just don’t bother.  I’m for this of course bc I have Crohn’s Disease.  The actual test I was TERRIFIED for and it’s nothing!  The worst part is going to the washroom a lot and then not being able to eat lol.

I wasn’t supposed to have my sleep test until the end of October, but I got a call from them last night at 8pm bc they got a cancellation and I was able to come in.  I was more afraid it would be one of my normal nights of not sleeping, and had I been home, I’m sure I would’ve given up and just got out of bed, but I was finally able to sleep.

I got electrodes put all through my hair (which is now full of glue) and on my chin, under my eyes, had a thing put in my nose to check for when or if I stopped breathing, more electrodes on my legs, and neck, etc.  And a heart monitor clip on the end of my finger, and two straps around my chest and stomach.

The lady who did mine was so sweet and motherly.  If I woke in the night to grab my blanket bc I was cold, she’d run right in and tuck me in lol.  It was funny.  She said I slept horribly, moved and jerked my legs a lot, and grinded my teeth like mad.  As unresting of a sleep it was, I was happy bc it seemed like everything that happens to keep me from sleeping well happened!  So if there is anything, I’m sure it will be picked up.

My mom and Grams picked me up this morning around 6am and brought me home to my Zeus not too long ago.  Normally he is at the door screaming as soon as he hears my key, but today he was zonked out in his cat carrier, so I had to go to him to give him lots of loving lol.  I’m sure I’ll pay for not being around later today when he gets up.

So I found a recumbent bike just like the one in the physical therapy class, for sale for only $80!  The guy bought it, and never used it barely, and needed the money more so it worked perfect for me bc everywhere else was ridiculously  priced, even the used ones.  He was even willing to bring it into Belleville to me!  Then I find out that $80 I thought I had, was only $60, and I realized when I double checked, that I won’t be getting a GST or HST check this month so I had to turn it down 😦  I’m going to email him on the 29th when I get paid again and try again, and HOPEFULLY no one has bought it by then.  I really want this bc it’s an exercise I can do at home, that’s good for pots, and I’m close to the ground just in case.  I could use it watching TV, etc.  My elliptical trainer which I love is not usable right now unfortunately.

I was thinking that the two months of being Bisoprolol would be up soon.  (That’s how long the Cardiologist wanted me to be on it before switching to anything else)  so I decided to double check where I wrote the day of that appointment.  It was only a month yesterday!  Makes me want to scream bc I wanted to make it to 2 months, but with me feeling so awful, I know I won’t be waiting that long.

Anyway, going to try my love bug’s idea of using dish soap to get this crap out of my hair and then rest for a bit before my PSW comes.


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