Sinus Tachycardia

Alright, so I haven’t written because I wanted to wait until my doctor’s appointment today.  The sleep study results weren’t in, and the hospital where I had my cholesterol double checked, didn’t bother to send the findings to my family doctor!  So my GP asked me to call cardiology tomorrow, and have the send the results to her.  She believes its hereditary too.

What Zeus does after I'm home & he gets my purse to himself lol

I did get the tilt table test results in.  It’s been almost a year since I had it done, so I know I have POTS, but since being diagnosed, I learned there was more than one type… and I had no idea which type I had.  I was hoping the blood work taken during the tilt test would’ve came with the results page, but nope.  But it says on the page that I have Sinus Tachycardia, and that is what’s causing my heart to do it’s POTS thing so easily.  I have a sinus node dysfunction, in easy terms, it makes my heart go way too high.  I made a page on here explaining it more in detail, what the doctors are looking for to diagnose it, and what they do.  I also created a page for Mitral Valve Prolapse.  It gets pretty indepth so if you have any questions, just feel free to ask.

My Social Worker Susan, who is also a nurse, asked me last week, to get a copy of my last two blood works done.  Obviously my latest one wasn’t there like I mentioned, but my GP got me the two before that for now.

My tilt table test did show a need for increased salt intake… Zeus is sleeping on my purse since I set it down and I don’t want to move the dear soul bc he looks so comfy.  But all the basic crap that comes with POTS was mentioned to make it short lol.  One good thing, even though my blood pressure was low, it didn’t change when I was in the upright position.  I noticed that one night here when I was cooking and I got shaking so badly my legs felt like they were about to let go, and I checked my HR and BP and the BP was normal.

More beautiful work commemorating 9/11, by Devious Designs

Anyway, besides that, I’ve been in a lot of pain still, and very tired, but the nausea seems to subside until the night time.  Then it’s time for bed bc I hate it lol.  My heart rate upon standing and walking around my apartment, but not doing anything else, is on average about 135bpm, if I am doing anything else, like talking, picking up a book, something trivial it hits around the 150bpm mark, so Mr. Cardiologist better be ready to try the next Beta Blocker.  I would like to try Florinef since another sinus potsy I know has had great results with it.  I know to each is their own, but I would like to give it a go.  I noticed that he put me on Bisoprolol bc it’s the best one to take with Asthma, and if the other ones make my asthma any worse, I may be living with my inhaler in my mouth lol.   I’m excited to see the allergist about that and many other things I think could be caused mostly by allergies, and see what he suggests may help.

Another cool thing regarding my past post where I mentioned wanting to buy this recumbent exercise bike for $80, I found another one right in Belleville this time for only $25, and he’s willing to hold it for me until I get paid, which is awesome.  It’s a CCM which he bought off someone for $25 and never used once lol, so he just wants back what he paid for it, which still saves me about $60, let alone the money I save not buying a brand new one which just would never happen lol.  It would take me a year at least to come up with $300 or more for one lol.

I love this bc I had a black cat, and this painting hangs in my dining room (picture is not by me was sent in a forward)

Alright, I’m now reading, “One Fifth Avenue,”  by Candace Bushnell, who wrote, “Sex and the City” and “Lipstick Jungle.”  This one is basically about all the stories of these rich people who live in an old fancy, rich apartment building… on you guessed it, One Fifth Avenue.  It actually isn’t too bad so far.  I hated the book, “Sex and the City” and loved “Lipstick Jungle” so I figure it’ll probably be at least half ass good lol.

Also in my previous post when mentioning the sleep clinic, I mentioned grinding my teeth like a crazy person, but a mouth guard isn’t covered by disability, so I figured I was stuck since they were expensive.  My SSW/nurse might be able to find rep.s who help with one time payments for things people need and can’t afford, to actually pay for it for me!  So I have to call my dentist tomorrow and get them to fax her over a quote of what they figure everything will cost and she’ll take it to the board for me 🙂  It would be a big help in helping my horrible teeth.  I do everything I’m supposed to and yet the don’t stay cavity free, etc. bc of my med.s and my health issues.

Anyway, going to head out and get the garbage ready to go out.  Hope you’re all doing better too 🙂

*hugs* Ash,

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