The Weekend Is Here!

Finally have food!  Well not much, but at least I have fruit and veggies.  Not sure if I’m going to do the box thing anymore.  Half the things I give to my mom, bc I either can’t eat it, or really don’t like it.  Like the spaghetti sauce… with hamburger lol. Lots of good things, but I think I could just get them on my own and still have some left over, so I doubt I’ll do it next month.  I did enjoy the mystery squash picture conversations… and plan to try the recipes even though it doesn’t look very good lol.

I went over my blood work results with Susan yesterday, and everything seems fine, but my B12 which is not unusual, and my cholesterol.  She was looking at the blood work from my physical and on there, it said my cholesterol was fine.  So one of them was a mess up.  We’ll see when we get the third back from the hospital.

So I am having another OT assessment done with a nurse to see what I should get for around the apartment for supports.  I have a cane and a bath chair.  I gave the walker back to my mom bc it was causing me more grief than good bc it was too short for me even heightened.  But if I get the referral for them through this place, hopefully disability will cover it.

As well, Susan is working on getting me a YMCA membership for only $20 a year!  That would be amazing.  Then I could swim 🙂 and once I was built back up, I’d have the gym equipment to use too.  She was a swimming instructor for seniors before, so she’s going to show me some techniques for dealing with pain.  As well as still working on getting me a deal with Meals on Wheels.  That would be such a stress off my back you have no idea.  Most POTS patients still live with their parents, or are married, and have a family to help.  My family is great, but since I don’t live with anyone, eating just doesn’t happen on the days I’m sick bc I’m feeling too awful to cook.  So at least this way, they’d be healthy meals,  I can just pop in the oven and that’s it.  The thing that makes it expensive, is they only do dinner, so I’d still have to come up with breakfast, snacks and lunches.  And the amount for it now, is more than I pay for 3 meals a day all month long.  The joys of being broke lol.

Zeus woke me up very cutely this morning.  I was laying on my side, kinda of slouched into my stomach, and he climbed on top of my shoulders and laid down.  I petted him for a bit, and then was trying to go back to sleep when he started leaning over to put his face in mine.  When I ignored it, he took his paws and reached around my face and was pulling on my nose to get me to look at him lol.  It was too adorable I had to get up then.

Still looking for an apartment.  Elephant asses upstairs now have a big dog.  Not sure if he’s theirs, or looking after him, but I think by the sounds of it, they put him in a cage over night and all night long he scratches and jumps and fights to get out of it, and if I’m awake when it starts… I don’t sleep until they get up the next morning.  Let me explain, this couple is older, and they are both fully deaf, so I understand that they don’t realize just how loud they are, but come on now, when you’re jumping around, slamming doors, walking with shoes on… and 3am or later, they must notice the possibility of it being an issue with the person below them.  I’ve even complained but the stupid rental company does nothing about it, so I want to get out of here asap so I can sleep lol.

Yesterday, I went with my mom to her doctor‘s appointment and it rained ALL day long here.  It’s only going to be a high of 17 today!  That’s awesome 🙂  When Nick gets out of school today, him, Amanda and I are driving out to my dad’s place, and I’m going to spend the night there.  I haven’t stayed over for a while, and they wanted me to stay the whole weekend, but it’s such a pain coming home and dealing with a cat who’s been alone the whole time lol.  Not going to do it, so they’re taking me home Saturday.

My grandpa tripped at the nursing home the other day, and he was not responding to the nurses at first, so my mom and grams rushed over there, and got him talking and settled down.  We found out he had a mini stroke :(.  I’m worried about him, but he is doing better now, just very scary.

I talked to my physical therapist and nurse the other day, and they agreed that I should work on my own from home until I’m built up enough to come.  She mentioned how  the cardiologist didn’t want my heart rate going up to 150bpm and then said, mine wasn’t though it was 147 lol.  Okay, I think that’s close enough.  It was still obviously too much.  And then she mentioned me walking still how 30 minutes was too much, that I should do 3 ten minute walks.  Dumb ass.  I walk to the kitchen and it exhausts me.

On a good note, my mom is going to try going back to work soon.  She is going to start off with less hours, and do more paper work than heavy lifting and doing stuff on the floor.  She’s a Operations Supervisor for Value Village.  So she runs the head of the part of the store that customers are in.  I hope it isn’t too much for her, but it’s exciting to see her wanting to do it.

Anyway it’s 9am and I’ve been up 4 hrs and am now exhausted so I need a nap before Marlene (my PSW) gets here.

Have a great weekend everyone 🙂 *hugs*



9 thoughts on “The Weekend Is Here!

  1. I dont think we have talked enough girlie!I didnt know about your grandpa!Is he ok?I would be worried too!!
    We have social workers in the States,is that sort of what you have?It sounds like she does so many great things for you! a 20 buck a year gym membership is amazing!
    Good blog today,always interesting!!!!**hugs**


    • No the sad thing is we have talked and I keep forgetting to mention it. I’ve been so brain foggy I forget half the time that it even happened. I know it’s a part of pots but I feel awful for it. People mention it, and that’s when I remember!


  2. She’s a social worker yep, but she’s just had a lot of jobs in the past one being a nurse, and having been on the board at the ymca lol. so she knows a LOT of people who she uses to help her clients like me (depression / physical health) and knows I’d appreciate it, so she’s willing to ask for me.


  3. Hey hun, been awhile since I commented on your blog….so figured now was a good a time as any lol. Glad to hear that you’re doing pretty well, sucks to hear bout what happened to your grandpa, but glad to hear that he’s doing better. Reading the part about food, and making meals etc…you know that sometime when i get a chance to come up that way, I’ll do some cooking for you….I’m no master chef mind you…but it’s edible at least HA HA

    Anyhow hun, just thought I’d send ya a quick note, see how u were doing and all that….and btw, that stuff about Zeus was TOO cute lol


    • aww ty hun 🙂 you always write replies that make me smile :D. I’d feel weird letting my company cook for me though lol. Regardless who it is, I like to be able to cook for them. But ty that’s very sweet for u to think of that 🙂 And trust me… mine is just edible lol nothing fancy. Still trying to learn more things. Hope you’re doing well I am always worrying about you and wondering how you are lol.


  4. glad my responses make ya smile hun 🙂 coz yours do the same whenever i see a message from you on facebook. And though i understand what you’re saying….i would still probably insist on cooking something for u lol


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