Ahh Good Times

Nick & Emma

I had a REALLY good time at my dad’s.  My dad was ridiculously good with me, and so careful about everything we did.  Nick ended up staying the night too, and he wouldn’t let me pick him up, or walk too far, do the dishes, etc.  I tried doing the dishes anyway, but only got a few plate and mugs in and had to stop.  It was actually nice to be treated like that in a way bc it showed he was paying attention to my illness and not forgetting like everyone seems to normally do.

My dad was talking to my uncle Scottie who actually knows a woman in Scotland who has POTS.  She is in her 50’s my dad said, and supposedly her POTS is cleared up enough now that she can actually work!  I would love that.  I know our lives will never be what they were, but if I was well enough to be able to be independent, cook, walk to catch the bus, and clean my place… that would be wikid, let alone being able to work!  He is going to see if my uncle Scottie has her number or e-mail address so I can get a hold of her.  It’s nice to see people who actually get better, since it seems to never happen.


There were friends of the family over, and it was nice to see them 🙂  My dad showed me his new rock room.  He collects rocks and minerals.  And we had a nice dinner.  Lois worked late, so I didn’t get to really see her until the morning.  Today, we got Amanda at her house, and we all went to lunch at Montanna’s here in Belleville, and then they took me home.  Nicholas was hilarious and had us all roaring.  He was really well behaved too.

I actually felt the best I had in a long time yesterday.  I was able to do a little more standing than usual, the stairs still sent my heart rate soaring, but for the most part I was good until bed time when I have the worst of my hot spells.  I had a hard time getting to sleep, but once I was I slept right through and was up before Nick hehe.

I haven’t done a whole lot, but read and watched tv and movies since I got home.  I am very tired out and weak today, but not as bad as I could be, so no complaints.  Sorry to all for not being very sociable lately, just not totally back from the last set back yet.

Not much is going on this week.  I may go up to my mom’s tomorrow to see her.  Depends how I’m feeling.  Outside of my PSW coming I don’t think there’s anything going on.  My memory is so terrible lately, I don’t remember half the things people tell me.


I’m watching the Machinist and omg I’m so lost!  He doesn’t sleep and starts seeing stuff…. I don’t know lol.  I’ll have to watch it again and actually pay attention to it all so I know what’s going on lol.

Alright, I’ll write more another time when more goes on.  Hope you’re all well 🙂



4 thoughts on “Ahh Good Times

  1. yeah i once tried to watch that movie and also got confused as hell LOL Though I found it interesting that Christian Bale lost all that weight for that role THEN gained the weight back to play Batman…which I always heard it was dangerous to lose and gain alotta weight quickly….but he’s still alive so he must have done it safely LOL

    Glad to hear that you had a good day yesterday hun. Sounds like it was a lotta fun, and glad to hear that you can do things a little better…just don’t over exert yourself

    Speaking of tv, did you catch the season finale of True Blood?……what the hell was that?! LOL I mean I enjoyed it, but i was like “WTF?” lol..should be interesting to see what next season brings, eh?

    Anyhow hun, guess that’s it for now so hope this is a good day for ya too, and I’m sure you will see comments from me again soon, be they on here or facebook LOL *hugs*


  2. awww Fruit,I am glad you had a good time but I missed you dreadfully.I puttered around on facebook until I took ill on Sat,and then I was a lost cause the rest of the day.My neurologist said people do get better sometimes with pots.the average is 10 years……..10 years!!!!I don’t want to wait that long,but I DO want to get better.If you talk to this lady,let me know what she tells you,that is awesome that she has recovered!TTY soon,loop


    • ten years? How long have u been sick? I have been off and on since I was 20, but showed symptoms when I was around 8. Probably 3-4 yrs at my worst. Sorry you felt so crappy this weekend! Totally ruins any plans you have!


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