Cardiology Apt., MVP, Sick Family, etc.

I wasn’t planning on writing for a while, but some more news has popped up and kind of felt the need to vent a little.

I had fun yesterday, but I spent a lot of the time upstairs in my mom’s room resting bc it got so hot outside where we were all sitting, that I needed to be in the coolness.  I felt pretty good, just very weak and have been having bad headaches.

Today has been worse.  I can’t seem to sit up for very long without the room spinning.  Not too sure why, but hopefully it’s now going away.  I got a call from the cardiologist, and I am going in for October 1st for my check up with Bisoprolol.  I wonder what he will do, especially now that my resistance to it has kicked in.  Surprisingly what I’ve gone through the last couple days,  I have actually felt better nausea wise, and orthostatic intolerance since the beta blocker has stopped working.  So hopefully he will try me on something else.

I called them about the blood work to recheck to cholesterol, but I had to leave a msg. on his secretary’s machine bc she wasn’t there or busy, and I haven’t heard back yet, so I will have to recheck when I’m there.

My mom goes back to work tomorrow.  She’s a little worried it’s too soon, but seems happy to get back there too.  Hopefully it won’t wear her out.   She is starting off with only 12 hours a week so that’s good.  I don’t think she’ll be able to take me to the cardiologists now though.

She was very sweet and brought me two big pieces of vegetarian lasagna my sister made (sooo good.  I love her cooking) and went and grabbed Zeus‘ food for me since I was having a hard time sitting up.  She also picked up the med.s I needed too.  My dad also called to check up on me today, to see how I was doing after being there.  It’s weird to have him be like that with me bc all along he didn’t really understand the whole of the situation… but it’s really nice for a change.  It’s made me very happy and hopeful.

My uncle Larry is diabetic and has had heart problems.  Not full up on the situation, but I know he’s a bigger guy and had a hard time exercising and eating well.  I found out while I was at dad’s I think, that he is in the hospital now undergoing dialysis a couple times a week.  My sister finally got a hold of my aunt Reta (his wife) at the hospital, since no one can go in to see him, and I guess things aren’t looking very good for him.  I’m really worried about their kid Kayla (well she’s 29 lol) bc I love her so much, and know how close she is to her parents.

I get paid next Thursday (woo hoo grocery day lol) and I’ll hopefully be getting the recumbent bike then as well.  Friday I’ll be in Kingston for the appointment, but I have nothing else going this week.

Anyway the spins, chest pain and hot spells are starting again so I’m going to go to bed and try to sleep.  I’ll write again after the first.

Ash, *hugs*


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