OT Assessment???

I have no idea if that’s what it’s even called… but I think that’s what I was referred to have lol.  Long before Marlene came (my PSW ie. personal support worker), they obviously came to my apartment and checked to see what I needed help with.  They even went around my apartment just to make sure it was safe for Marlene to come.  (no open wires, etc.).  But they never talked to me about aides that I could get for around the home.  My SSW (social service worker) was mad when she found out and got another referral for them to do that for me.

So the girl came this morning, and I showed her my routines and the things I had problems with, and stuff I just couldn’t do, and she is going to have me bug my dad to make a wedge for under my bed, to raise the head of it for me so I can use my bed wedge pillow for my feet or when I’m up and can lean back on my couch (blood pressure drops low when I lay flat).  As well, she is going to get me fitted for a walker next week, and get me some grab bars for the walls of the shower, for when I get in and out.  I am only going to get the suction cupped ones for now until I find a more permanent spot.  I haven’t found an apartment yet,  but I’ll be moving as soon as I do, so there’s no point in getting installation ones until I do.

I’m really excited about this, bc I’ve been needing this stuff for a while now, and nothing wrong with having some things to make pots life easier!!!  I thought it was really cool that she went online and researched pots to learn how it affects the body.  She actually has Vasovagal Syncope so she understands the whole fainting issue thankfully lol.  So if she can get an appointment, she’s going to try to have me fitted for a walker next Thursday morning around 9am before I go through my going grocery shopping fiasco. Then it’s off to get my recumbent bike and then the cardiologist on Friday!

I’ve wrecked my knee once again.  Both are hurting, but the bad one is intolerable sometimes.  I do have sports knee braces from when it got bad the last time I was really run down, but since it was before I lived here… I don’t know what I did with the damn things!  I tore my apartment apart looking for them, and think I made it worse lol.  At least I found my tensor bandage, which is better than nothing!!

Will write more next week! xo!


4 thoughts on “OT Assessment???

  1. awww…..poor fruit,its your knees huh?Wondered what you had been up to today..Your post makes a lot of sense!Hope to chat with you later,I will be on for a little while,then I am laying down for a big ol nap….can’t wait!

    Glad you are getting some much needed help around your home.I am lucky that I have Willow and Kev and K.J.If I would be alone it would be much more difficult.!!*****HUGS****


    • yeah I never recommend living alone when potsy’s ask me about it lol. it’s SO much harder. really we should all live with someone if we can unless obviously it’s a have to do situation.


  2. Ouch…your poor knees hun *kiss them better* 🙂 Sounds like things went quite interestingly for ya, eh? Glad that hopefully you’ll be getting that extra help hun, coz if things can be made easier…why the hell not? LOL

    Anyhow, I’m not sure what else to say…so gonna finish this message off by givin ya a bunch of hugs 😛 *hugs* *hugs* *hugs* *hugs* *hugs* *hugs* *hug* *hugs* *hugs* *hugs*


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