Rainy Fall

Just finishing up watching CSI and waiting for Grey’s Anatomy & Private Practice.

Today the guys from Shopper’s Home Health Care and the personal support worker intake girl came over and I got my new walker!  I have to apply online when the guy sends the quote for the grab bars, but that’s cool.  For the walker, I chose metallic blue lol  and it’s tall enough for me to possibly do dishes and cook, but still short enough that my feet or firm on the ground and the blood won’t pool down my legs like they do on the bar stool.  It’s cute.. for a walker LOL.

Afterward, Amanda picked me up to take me to get the recumbent bike, but the guy lives out of town so now he’s going to drop it off within the next couple weeks, when he can get his truck from his dad.  I can’t wait to get it!!!

So Amanda and I went to The Dollar Store, and got some Halloween decorations and picked up some stuff I needed since I wasn’t well enough to go grocery shopping.  Mom works tomorrow, so if she’s well enough, we may go after she gets off around dinner… which would be nice bc I have carrots and soup lol.

So Amanda, Nick and I hung out and I got tons of photos.  I napped for a while and was so dizzy when I got back everyone came upstairs and hung out while I laid in my mom’s bed feeling like I was going to raulph lol.  Was fun though 🙂

Then mom and I went out to the store, and came back here with subs and relaxed for a bit before she left to go to the nursing home.  My Gramps has fallen twice getting out of bed the last few days, and apparently he is going down hill fast.  My Grams was really teary about it today, I felt so bad for her.  My mom was going by to see for herself how he was doing, but he has a chest infection, so unless absolutely necessary, Amanda and I can’t go see him in case we catch it with out crap immune systems 😦

Tomorrow, Grams is taking me to see my Cardiologist.   The only way I was able to make the whole 2 months.. which felt like years on Bisoprolol, was bc my resistance to medications set in, and it stopped working.  Woo hoo! Lol never been so happy to see it stop working.  So he’ll probably try me on a new medication, and I’m going to ask about trying Florinef.

I’m back home now and chilling with my man Zeus.  It’s been raining a lot lately which is weird for Belleville.  It never stays long, but it’s been crazy all day.  But it’s supposed to be back to sunny tomorrow!

Alright, going to head out!  Will write more after my appointment tomorrow!



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