Cardiology Appt. & Halloween!… well it will be in a month!

I had totally forgotten about decorating for Halloween this year.  I know… it’s only October 1st, but it never crossed my mind, and it’s my funnest holiday to decorate!  So when I got home today, I was putting away some of The Dollar Store stuff I got and decided to throw my Halloween table cloth on, and then I just decorated the whole shabang bc I could lol.  I got my skulls and black roses wreath hung outside my door, a ghost wall decoration my mom gave me, my bloody hands, spiders, and skulls on the windows, and my two electric pumpkin up and lit.  I love carving real pumpkins, but since I have no where to place it here, I bought two plug in Jack O Lanterns to have :).  If I had a house, or front yard, and some cash… omg I’d go crazy if I could lol.  There’s so many cool things out there to get for it!  I don’t get any kids here either, so I just decorate for me :).

Last night I went to bed around 11:30pm so I’d have a decent sleep bc I had to get up around 7am this morning… hot spells, nausea, dehydration started, and I wound up being awake until 6am!!!  I was so out of it, I fell asleep in the van on the way home… (Grams was driving not me! lol).

I went to my Cardiologist appointment today.  I told him how I thought it was my resistance kicking in bc I didn’t have the nasty side effects I had for a month and a half prior from the beta blocker (Bisoprolol) and my heart rate was kicking back around the 130-150 bpm when I was just doing simple things.  But he being as stubborn as I am noticed that I am on Symbicort for my asthma, and had started it around the time I was given Bisoprolol from him.. and he thinks that bc part of the inhaler causes the heart rate to speed up, that, that’s why I was feeling so sick.  SO I am still on the damn medication, and I am going off my inhaler to see if that’s what it was.  I will see him in the beginning of November to see if that did anything for me.  It would be amazing if he was right… though I don’t think he is to be honest bc I was on other inhalers before and I didn’t feel like that.  But we’ll see 🙂  Just a month, so not too bad.

I was cool about it in the room with him, and understood where he was coming from, but then got out and started to get really upset.  Not mad, but sad that it’s another month on top of all the time I’ve spent so sick, just wasting away.  But since I had the sleep on the way home, I feel okay about it now.  Another potsy told me she is going through the same thing with her inhalers, so I’m settling in to being more open minded about it… I’m still right though LOL.

Anyway, 1 hours sleep and a 1 hour nap is not enough, so I’m going to lay down again until my mom gets off work, and depending on how she is feeling, and me when I get up, then I may get to go grocery shopping!  So excited to snack on something other than carrots… mmm carrots lol still good stuff though lol.

Alright have a great weekend everyone!  *big hugs*


PS OH!  My cholesterol is high!  But he said bc my good cholesterol is SO good he doesn’t think I will need med.s 🙂


One thought on “Cardiology Appt. & Halloween!… well it will be in a month!

  1. aww…..fruit,I know the feeling of wanting to feel better, spending time wasting……and never getting any of that time back.Let’s hope that you’re right and maybe you will get to try florinef…you decorated for halloween,so when its time for your Dr Appt,it will be almost Halloween.a good way to look at things!!!


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