Burning Tummy

Went to visit my Gramps yesterday at the nursing home w my mom, sis and Nick.  He actually didn’t look as bad as I expected.  He basically looks the same just really pale.  He even knew who we all were which is a first in I don’t know how long!  Made the visit nice 🙂

For the last week or so my stomach has been off.  When you have Crohn’s Disease, you know all about switching your food to deal with how you’re currently feeling.  Every once in a while I go through periods where I get really bad heart burn or stomach burn.  I’ve never asked my doctors for anything for it, bc that’s the least of my worries with my illnesses, but it’s gotten so bad in the past I’ve thrown up from it.

As the days have gone by this past week, I’ve taken away the fiber that must be irritating it, and eating softer foods, but my guts are on a rampage with me for some reason.  The other night, the pain in my stomach was so bad I almost called my mom to come take me to the ER even though they wouldn’t do anything for it, so I just rode it out.

All day yesterday, I noticed almost indigestion upset in my tummy where it just didn’t feel good, and then by night time I had a dull constant ache in my stomach.  That’s nothing to deal with.  Then every night from POTS I get mad hot spells and nausea so I tried to stay up bc I know I can’t sleep through them, but it never went away.  All night I woke up constantly to the point where I wasn’t sure if I had even slept and the burning in my stomach rose.  Zeus got in bed about an hour ago which must have woke me up bc the fire in my mouth was so bad I swore I was going to throw up.  So before any water I had a tums which dulled it to the ache in my stomach again, but now my mouth feels on fire again an hour later.  And my stomach is feeling very upset and in pain.

For the next week or so I should use my bed wedge again to prop myself up to help.  I don’t know what else I can do.  Crohn’s is a bitch when it wants, and you just have to hold on until it’s over… hopefully soon! lol.

As for an update on the POTS situation with going off Symbicort and seeing if that helps the Bisoprolol… I cough constantly lol.  My heart rate is lower… kinda but not really, and otherwise I don’t feel any different.  But I think I might be coming down w a cold, so it’s hard to say yet.

Going to dad’s this weekend for Thanksgiving and my aunt Kelly is coming down too.  It’ll be fun 🙂



6 thoughts on “Burning Tummy

  1. Is it Thanksgiving time already there ?You must celebrate at a different time of year huh?Do you eat the same type things as we do???Turkey,etc?


  2. Hi Ashley, I love the pictures of your cats. I notice a pure white one and a grey one. They’re a big part of your life aren’t they? I know our sure are for us. They really keep my life lively during each day. They play together and run all over our house. Sounds like you are really having a hard time with your autonomic and balance problems and heart issues too. My grandparents lived in Canada their entire lives after about age 27 or 28. We spent many wonderful summers on their lake up near Sudbury. Childhood was Idyllic for me and very stable. It makes it a little easier to handle all my chronic illnesses having come from such a good background. Writing helps doesn’t it to focus around and have something to look forward to and not just illness. Missed it when I’ve had to stop writing recently. Thanks so much for following my blog here.


    • aww ty 🙂 actually, the grey one is my only cat. the others are usually my sister’s or my mom’s pets 🙂 but I love them all bc I’ve lived w them before. Zeus is a huge companion for me when I’m sick, and definitely likes to keep me busy! ty for the support! we’re all having a lot of problems it seems! and yeah writing is a HUGE help 😀


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