Crohn’s Disease

I’ve had crohn’s disease 8 years now.  I went almost 5 years before my first relapse.  I swore I’d make it to 5 years before my next… didn’t happen.

I got smooshed in at my family doctors for Tuesday, so I can get a referral to my G. Intestinal specialists.  I’ve been going to them since I was diagnosed at 19… but since my last relapse 3 years ago, I haven’t been coming as often to be considered a patient still, so I have to be rereferred.  My old family doctor would easily prescribe the remission drugs I need, but since my last relapse, the G.I.’s have realized the old dosing schedule could make the patients really sick, so they do it differently now.  Same medicine, Azathioprine (sp?) a.k.a. Imuran.  So hopefully I can get in there soon bc I feel like my Crohn’s is spreading up into my stomach and or throat.  I hate the idea of getting a scope down my throat, or them wanting to do the other *shudders* which I hate doing the prep for, but so is the course with having Crohn’s Disease.  I am also showing a lot of symptoms of GERD which a lot of people with Crohn’s Disease end up getting or vice versa.  Even if I have nothing new, and am not having a relapse, I will be going back on my medicine since my body obviously can’t fight it on its own right now.  So another 3 1/2 pills more a day grrrr.

I got my appointment finally to see the Allergist.  I go in mid December, and it’s actually located on the street a couple blocks away from me.  I’m really interested to find out what they’ll find!

I’m also excited weirdly enough lol bc it’s been 4 weeks tonight actually since my sleep study, so I’ll be finding out within the next couple weeks if they found anything or not.  It’ll be really nice to get some proper sleep hopefully!

I didn’t end up with a recumbent bike.  The guy who brought it over ended up giving me a regular exercise bike!  So I was using it for the first time tonight, and it obviously became too much and started to get dizzy, so instead of quitting, I set it up against the couch and used it recumbent style lol.

Tomorrow my aunt Kelly is coming down from Toronto 🙂  I’m excited!  On Saturday, Amanda, Nick and I are going out to my dad and step mom’s place for Thanksgiving dinner with them, my brothers, and my youngest niece and oldest nephew will be stopping by too for a bit 🙂

Sunday Nick is going to his other grandparents, so I’m going over to mom’s to visit with my aunt, and then we’re having our Thanksgiving dinner there, on Monday night.  It will be fun 🙂

I’ve been sleeping a lot, or going to my mom’s to stay.  I’ve also been using my bed wedge every night, so my stomach and firey throat is calmed down a bit thankfully.  I’m actually able to eat! lol.  But I’m still taking it easy on how much.  I think not eating for 2 days in a row didn’t help how I felt, but I was too sick to cook for myself.

My Gram’s friend was going to give her a wheel chair she had for my grandpa bc he’s getting worse for falling, but apparently the nursing home won’t accept it, and they have ones there that they let the residents use, so my Grams asked, and the lady is going to give it to me!  It’s obviously not going to be perfect for a POTSy probably, but I don’t mind!  It’ll just be great to have one 🙂

Alright, gonna head out to bed.  Have a great long Thanksgiving weekend!!!



4 thoughts on “Crohn’s Disease

    • oh yeah? it makes sense really. learn what our sensitivities are and allergies. so hard when you have to change around what and how often you eat something. but it does get easier w time. hope you’re doing well 🙂


      • It is hard. I found milk products were a big aggravator for me. So for over two years I had almost nothing that had milk ingredients in it, was incredibly difficult but my health improved from about 50% to right around 90% without any meds so that was a big motivator for sure. Only now incorporating some raw milk which does pretty good..


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